Monday, 30 March 2015


The scales WERE kind and so were your lovely comments.  So, without further ado, it's on to the stats:

Week 11 (seeing as I didn't blog last week)

Start weight - 17.0.4
Week 11 drop - +1.8lbs
Current weight - 16.4.8
Total drop - 9.6lbs

Week 12

Start weight - 17.0.4
Week 12 drop - 5lbs
Current weight - 15.13.8
Total drop - 14.6lbs

So, that's 2 very welcome milestones - the first stone off and just scraping into the 15s.  I'm very happy that, despite 2 wasted weeks, I was not derailed and stuck to my task.

I'm also happy as I had promised myself a reward, when I hit the stone off mark, of a slice of Christmas cake (I know, I know - you shouldn't have food-based rewards but it kept me motivated so ner).  The trouble is, I had not anticipated that it would take me so long to drop that first stone and Richard has been working his way through it at a steady pace.  Also, the icing is seriously yellowy now so I'm only just in time!!  There is enough left for 2 generous slices so we will be tucking into it after supper tonight.

I was working from home today and had intended to go and buy my season ticket for the Hathersage (outdoor) pool and have my first swim of the season but then life intervened.  I worked out that I didn't have time to swim, walk the dogs, go to the doctors, make supper AND leave for dancing at 6.15pm.  Instead I combined walking the dogs with exercise and took them for a run at lunchtime.

We headed up the old railway track from Bamford Rec towards the Ladybower Reservoir.  A slightly longer run than usual at 4.8km.  And very lovely it was too - sunny, birds singing, spring springing etc etc.  It would have been over 5km except I pulled a pesky muscle in my calf right at the far point of the route so turned back a bit early.  And that also knocked dancing on the head as quite sore and pull-y.  So it looks as though I'll be swimming instead for a few weeks giving my leg time to recover.

But I'm doing it all with a smile on my face now after 2 hard weeks!


Pam (Isabelle) said...

Hurray! Well done! I've been on the 5:2 diet for months and months and have now made it 4:3 and the weight is still more or less static. Gah. But I'm glad someone is succeeding!

Thank you for your lovely comment. We are indeed lucky in some ways, but one son-in-law (the children's dad) has now been off work with depression for nearly 3 years, and the other one is a penniless actor who keeps our lovely daughter living in London, working away to pay the mortgage so ... I don't always feel lucky. Ah well, into every life some rain must fall. Onward and downward!

Peridot said...

A STONE OFF! Fantabulous news - good for you. AND into another stone bracket to boot. A good day.


PS Swimming in these temperatures? You're mad!

Seren said...

Fantastic! Well done you and I hope that you thoroughly enjoyed that Christmas cake. It was very well deserved.