Monday, 9 March 2015

Monday Weigh In Report (Week 9)

So, if anyone kindly wished me luck as requested in my last post, thank you very much!  We won the quiz with a solid if unspectacular performance and this morning's weigh in registered a drop!  2 whole English lbs.  Yaaaay!!

Stats are as follows:

Starting weight - 17.0.4
Week 9 drop     -  2lbs
Current weight  -  16.1.0
Total drop         -  13.4lbs

That first stone off is tantalisingly close but even more tantalising is the prospect of getting into the 15s for the first time since last April.  Hopefully it will be next week taking me to a stone in 10 weeks but, if it is not, it'll be the week after so no need to fret.

We have quite a bit of socialising to do this coming week.  A punk band called Shambollix with friends on Friday.  Football on Saturday followed by dinner with friends Saturday evening and something on Sunday but I can't for the life of me think what!

I think exercise is going to be the key this week to ensuring a drop.  I am feeling slightly fitter and stronger now so running is not as much of a chore as it was.  I suppose I am carrying less weight now and have been running (albeit in a haphazard manner) for a couple of months so it is to be expected.  But it's also very welcome.  Not only is it easier to make myself go out for a run (and possibly the improved weather is a factor here) but I'm also running more steadily, further and for longer.  I've added an extra loop to the end of my "standard" quick run taking it to just over 2.25 miles with several hills over fields which I do in around 40 mins.

I've made a running date with Amanda for Wednesday evening so that will help cement it into my weekly diary.  I've been to zumba and will go again so there's another strand of exercise to build on.  And the Hathersage outdoor pool will be opening in April for the summer season so I'll be joining on day 1 to make the most of my season ticket.  I'm hoping that these elements will keep the lard dropping steadily from my frame as I've still got a long way to go.  I want to drop 5 stone overall and at least 4 stone this year which is do-able but only if I maintain momentum.

Right, I've had my breakfast and I'm tired of watching England's pathetic performance against Bangladesh so I'd better get back to work!


Love Cat said...

Superb! Well done on the 2lbs and well done on the running - that's a bit increase in stamina!

Stephbospoon said...

Well done on the loss! I pray for the day my loss at the scales reaches the heady heights of 2lbs...its certainly taking its time!

Peridot said...

Nearly a stone! Amazing work.