Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Wednesday morning...

After the big high of Monday morning, I'm feeling a bit low.  Maybe the fact that it coincided with the end of year end?  Maybe the fact that I don't have my next target in mind?  Or maybe just the grim weather?

I'm meant to be golfing today but the course is waterlogged so the comp has been cancelled.  But, never fear, plenty more golf to come.  Rich and I are off for a mini-golf break to Cheshire tomorrow.  It's only one night and 2 rounds of golf but nice to have a break together so fingers crossed for decent weather and a nice restaurant.

I shouldn't be low when I think about it - I'm about to have 5 days off work and have loads of fun stuff planned: golf; old friends visiting Sheffield on Saturday for the football and a night out; more golf on Monday (our first Bank Holiday mixed comp now that Rich has joined my club).  So, now I think about it, I'm not so low and am starting to look forward to a fun long weekend.

I haven't bought any easter eggs yet though.....hmmm.....gonna have to think about that.

Wednesday evening....

Writing the above sorted me out a bit so I decided to go for a swim at lunchtime, you know, strike while the iron was hot.  I bought my season ticket for an eye-watering £165 which means I have to swim at least 28 times to get my money's worth. That should be no problem as the pool is open until October so only once a week will do it.  Having just paid up, I was chatting with the guy about it being really quiet which is when he mentioned that the pool was extra cold because it had been too windy to put the cover on for the last couple of days.  Now he tells me.

He was right - 19 degrees is very chilly compared to the usual balmy 28 it is heated to!  I really had to put the burners on to warm up.  I was pleased with how easy it felt after so long.  I managed a brisk 34 lengths which, in that old Victorian pool of 33 yards, comes to (I'm told) 1km.

So, a start has been made.  And I'm looking forward to it - I wonder how much weight I will have dropped by the end of the swimming season??

The next thing I need to do is set a target and think of a reward.  I've given it some thought.

The target is going to be 15.4 which is my Club 10 weight, ie the weight at which I will have dropped 10% of my starting body weight. When I get there, I'm going to take a day of and treat myself to whatever I feel like doing at the time. Shopping, spa, walking, photography lesson, a trip somewhere, gardening - just whatever I feel like, alone or with a pal if I can rustle one up on a school day.


Pam (Isabelle) said...

34 lengths???? Well done!

Seren said...

Have a fabulous long weekend!


Peridot said...

Brrrr! Admirable stoicism!