Thursday, 12 March 2015

Big goals

I recently caught the back end of a TV programme called "Obese - a year to save my life".  It featured a very large woman (30 stone plus) who needs to drop 20 stone which will take at least 2 years.  It was interesting to see my former mindset - the "I must get "there" as quickly as possible".  As though weight loss is a destination and your life between here and there is one of transit, ie. not normal.  I understand why when there is so much to drop and that's why I selected Lighter Life back in the day.  But I'm so pleased that I'm not doing that again.

I definitely feel that I'm just living now rather than putting everything on hold and gradually, as I live, I'm shrinking too.  Now that I'm (almost) at the stone mark off I am starting to feel the difference.  Clothes are baggy (or baggier). I feel less resistance to going out and running because it hurts less.  I'm more satisfied with my meals and find it easier to walk away from snacks or treats.  The diet maths have receded a little which is particularly pleasing.  I don't say no to things because they will involve food or drink I just try to plan how to do them without doing too much damage.

The pressure point for me is work and how much there is of it. I know that when I feel out of control at work that has, in the past, translated to pressure on my diet and exercise plan.  So I'm trying to keep on top of work to help me keep on top of life in general.

To which end I had better get back to it!


Linz M said...

Work is the killer for me too - I stress or boredom eat and work induces both of those things :)

BTW - was it the UK version of "Obese - a year to save my life"? Because if it was that Jessie fella encouraging me, I'd have no trouble at all!!

Peridot said...

Even by your own very high standards of level-headedness and optimism, that is quite some statement. As ever, I really admire your attitude. Go you!

(And have a great weekend)


Lesley said...

Hi Linz! Yes, it was the UK and featured the delectable Jessie. Trouble was the woman in question would have preferred Jessie J to our hunky Jessie so his powers were weakened!!