Sunday, 29 March 2015

Crazy body

It has been a tough time this last fortnight.  Year end at work has been mental and capricious.  I work like mad on one "priority" matter then receive unfeasible pressure about another "urgent" and then am told to waste a few precious hours looking into a totally non-urgent, long-standing, domestic quibble merely because the Commissioners are looking into it.

There's no winning.  If you don't waste the time, the Commissioners come down on us; if you do, you risk not completing on a matter which will spend grant money that will otherwise disappear, bring in much needed funding stream to the Council for next year as well as providing affordable housing for the Borough.  I know what I should do so I did it AND spent the time pandering to the Commissioners' ridiculous demands.

So that leaves other worthy matters undone and delayed.  Gah.  I hate not being able to do my job as well as I'd like.

So all that has left less time and energy for exercise and diet.  Despite that I have not gone off-piste and have stuck reasonably well to the diet and fitted in as much exercise as possible.  A couple of runs at mum and dad's, a couple more at home, dancing, golf, dogs walks etc

And despite THAT my body has resolutely maintained or steadily gained weight!  Double gah!! I have felt bloated, slightly constipated (sorry for TMI) and generally heavy and lacking in energy.  I tell you , it has strained my commitment to this bloody diet.

Over 3 weeks, only a few days of which have been "bad", I have gone from 16.1.0 up to a peak of 16.6.6 and mostly hovered around the 16.4/5 mark.  It has been most disheartening.  I have tried to convince myself that it is time of the month and body stuff but that is hard to believe day after day.

However, my weakened faith was rewarded yesterday with a drop back to 16.1.8 and then this morning I saw 16.0.6!!  If I can keep this up through to weigh in tomorrow morning, I will finally get to that elusive first stone off, maybe even into the 15s....  That is not a given because I feel terrible today - sore tum, cramps, general rainy day blues but I WILL stand firm.  I will.

 Sorry this post has been so whiney.  I try not to be but thought I'd better explain my radio silence.

So, hopefully back to normal service next week.  Good luck everyone!


Peridot said...

Goodness, if ever there were a non whiner, it's you!

So glad that you were rewarded for ultimately keeping the faith in tough circumstances - a real testament to your determination. Come on the 15s!


Seren said...

I think everyone is entitled to let off steam from time to time, and it certainly sounds like you have been under the cosh workwise recently! Hope things improve AND hope you sail into the 15s over the next week, everything crossed for you!


Linz M said...

Certainly not whiney! Hope work is better for you and the scales were kind xx