Sunday, 8 March 2015

I just kept on running...

I'm glad I posted yesterday because a) it stopped me from eating what I wanted to eat last night and b) I mentioned a run today which made it much easier to actually go for one today.

We had a quiet day in today.  Nice lie in then lovely cooked breakfast watching old FA Cup ties and the Football League Show from Saturday night (we can never stay up late enough to watch it).  Then chores and Rich did some painting in the hallway (we will finish it one day!) while I took the girls out for a run.

It had been raining all morning so the fields would be too muddy.  Luckily the sun came out so it was just a case of picking a route which would not be a mire.  I drove over to Bamford to run on the old railway track.  I decided to be more ambitious than I have been for a while and, instead of parking halfway down the Route (pronounced locally and inexplicably, rowte rather than root), I parked at the Rec.  I wasn't sure how far I'd manage but, as I got going, I felt good so was hopeful that I'd make it all the way around.

And I did!  Up to the dam wall, over it and then back along the main road, through Bamford and back to the Rec.  It took me about 55 minutes which is nearly 15 minutes longer than I've been running for well over a year. I've been sticking to routes of @2-2.5 miles but this one was 4.5-5 miles!! Go me.

And go Shelagh and Minty too, especially Shelagh.  She is not keen on running.  She quickly identifies whether we're walking or running from my clothing choices; the minute she spotted the sports bra she knew it was running not hiking and started shivering and whining.  Creeping over to Richard in the hope he would be able to save her!  But, once we get going and she realises we're on the Route not the road and therefor not on leads, she is fine. But it's still pretty good going for an elderly lady of 11 years.

I felt fine too so I know I'll be okay for the 10km I have planned for June as long as I keep up the regular jogs between now and then.

I'm in the middle of cooking roast chicken now and then I'll be off out to the quiz in Bakewell.  We've had a bad run of losses since Christmas so wish us luck.  Oh, and wish me luck for my weigh in tomorrow morning!!

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