Thursday, 5 March 2015

Betcha thought I'd gone missing??

I know what a week off from a dieting blog usually means when the blogger in question has previously been more committed to her art, ahem.  Well, in this case it is only partly true.  I did slacken off at the back end of last week.  Tracked up to Thursday and then wandered off.  This, from the woman who ended her last post extolling the benefits of, erm, tracking!!

We had a busy week too.  I was out for supper with Kerry on Wednesday. Darts and dominoes on Thursday. Work do on Friday.  Football and friends over for dinner on Saturday then out to a Comedy night on Sunday. Oh, and dancing Monday.  It's been full on.

And that has showed in Monday's weigh in - a measly but nonetheless totally worth it drop of 0.4lbs!

So my stats are:

Starting weight - 17.0.4
Week 8 drop     - 0.4lbs
Current weight  - 16.3.0
Total drop         - 11.4lbs

Glacial I know but still moving (creaking and groaning) and hopefully as unstoppable as a glacier too!!

However, once Monday rolled round, I've been back tracking even better than before and I think/hope I'm on for a decent week this week.  I've been running, walking and I'm even planning on, whisper it, zumba tonight!!

So, sorry about the lack of pretty photos and regular updates.  It's been a bit hectic in Rotherham Council solicitor world but I'm still on it and still shrinking, albeit slowly!!

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