Saturday, 7 March 2015

Another weekend under pressure

 But before I chat about that, here are my last lot of snowy pics for a while.  Spring seems to be springing so I'm hoping no more snow for this winter.

These were taken one lovely Sunday afternoon.  Rich was poorly so I headed out with the doggies.

We started from home and walked over the fields towards Brough.  This one is looking back towards Bradwell.

And then down the Valley towards MamTor (my last lot of snowy pics) with Hope Works in the foreground.

Ahead towards Win Hill (as ever).

Up a very steep, snowy field.  The dogs loved it.

You make height very quickly round here but the views are totally worth the effort.

And the blue, blue skies helped with the pain from the steep hills!

Across towards Lose Hill (on the left) and Win Hill on the right.

We went over to my parents' yesterday to catch up with my Dad's sister, Barbara who was visiting from Dublin.  She's a fit and fun 81 year old so I have to try and see as much of her as possible.  I'm plotting a trip to Dublin later this year as it seems a shame to have a place to stay in a great city and not make the most of it as well as spending time with my favourite aunt.

I've always been close to her as she lives in Dublin and also married an Irishman many years ago.  Very strangely, she also divorced him (back in the early 1980s when it was pretty tough to be divorced in Ireland) making Barbara and I the only divorcees in the family.  What do we learn from this?? That women from my family probably should be very careful about marrying Irishmen!!

Happily my sister, her husband, one of her daughters and her boyfriend were also up for the weekend to see Barbs and the parents so it was 5 birds with one stone so to speak.  We had a chaotic Indian takeaway for supper followed by a boys' (and me) trip to the pub.  I almost stayed at home with the womenfolk but it's just not really me!

Also I was very tired after a tough week at work and just fancied a few drinks in relaxed company rather than chores and chat at home.  I'd love to spend more time with my sister but to be honest, when I do, she never really relaxes and talks properly.  I sort of knew that if I stayed with them she'd be faffing over the daughter and supper for them (they arrived late) and we'd not really connect.  I'll try again another time or on the phone when she does focus a bit better.

So, in the middle of the paragraphs above, you may have spotted the fatal words "Indian takeaway".  I knew it was on the cards so I ate very sparingly during the day and fully intended to choose as wisely as possible in the evening too.  I had wanted a Chinese which is easier to be low-cal but was overruled so went with the Indian and was STARVING by the time it eventually arrived.  All restraint went out of the window.  Poppadums, naan bread, lots of rice, several tasters of the creamy Makhan Chicken and Patthia which I had eschewed in favour of a slightly better tomato and spinach based dish.

Hey ho.  These things happen.  I drank 5 drinks in the pub too.  But managed to avoid beer and only had 2 glasses of wine so did limit the possible damage considerably.

Today has been borderline dodgy too.  Breakfast was SW compliant (bacon, eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes).  Lunch was a third of a bag of Haribo Tangfastics (whoops)while driving home and listening to Sheffield Wednesday beating Blackpool on the radio.   Supper was a very under pressure smoked haddock and prawn chowder, which was fine by SW but sadly the 2 slices of white bread and butter scarfed down with it were not.  Since supper I have reeeeeally been wanting to cut loose.  I have wanted a hot chocolate (made with milk and real chocolate), leftover banoffee pie, a Lindt truffle and lots more heinous contraband.

I have, by the skin of my teeth, managed to avoid the above and made do with a coffee and a smooth toffee flavoured Muller Lite.  Aaaargh.  Some days are not easy.

I will be back on it tomorrow and will work on going for a run too.

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Peridot said...

Tangtastics- I swear they coat them in crack. UTTERLY ADDICTIVE!