Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Monday, 2 February 2015

Weighing Day

Well, I'm slightly happier this Monday morning. The scales have bestowed a grudging 1lb drop on me.  Taking me to a total of 7.6lbs off.  Yes, I've decided to be digital about this now.  I've been toying with the rounding up or down to the lb or half lb but think every little fraction of a lb is going to count so I'm claiming every teeny, tiny ounce!

And I've also decided to 'fess up about the actual weights involved. Euuurgh

Starting weight   17.0.4
Week 4 drop       -1.0
Current weight   16.6.8
Total drop           -7.6

It's slow but my head is in the right place so I'm confident I will crack this and not just drop the weight but learn (and remember) the skills I need to keep it off (while enjoying my life in the process).

Ever since Cerulean "Keepoffthearse" commented a few weeks ago, I've been following her blog and watching her progress back on the Cambridge Diet.  It takes me back to those heady LL days of 2007 and part of me wants that speedy gratification.  Watching the lbs fall away and not having anything but restraint to think about.  I can hear it in her written words - the euphoria and commitment.  She WILL succeed.  I must admit that I've been quite jealous and slightly tempted to get on that merry-go-round myself.

But, having reflected on this (A LOT), I think that I'm going to do this the old-fashioned way.  Slowly and steadily.  I do not want to be gaining and losing for the rest of my life.  I need to really learn how to live, eat and not gain weight and think the process of dropping 4 or 5 stone will help with this in a way that doing a VCLD will not.  For me, the priority is not speed but longterm success.

That is not to say that I regret in any way doing LL back then or don't approve of VCLDs.  It is up to every individual to choose what works for them and everyone's priorities differ.

So, enough of the diet chat for now.  I'll back to wintry walks and blather soon.


Love Cat said...

Yay! Well done you! Great news. You know my feeling on daily weighing and I reckon you should give it a bash. Not doing it, that is.

LOVED the pics from your snowy walk the other day. We have had no snow and I am very jealous! x

Seren said...

Oooh, excellent, well done!

I love the idea of VLCDs but know in my heart that I couldn't do it. Everyone has to find their own path and if you're doing something that is delivering results and that also fits into your life then, for me, that's enough.

I agree with LC, those snowy pictures were amazing - we had snow here but central Leeds was not nearly so picturesque!


keepoffthearse said...

Believe me I did a lot of soul searching over returning to a VLCD. The thing that brought me back to it was realising that the VLCD isn't the thing, the VLCD isn't the big's the afterwards. I have to commit to that. It would take me 2 years to get to a healthy weight so I'm committing to the after plan this time. Emotional eating is a massive thing for me...I've got to fix it. Go us!!

keepoffthearse said...

Ha – I meant to put a bit more into my reply but I was on 1% battery on my iPad…and just about managed to post before it died!
I think what I've always loved about your blog and what's made it such compelling reading over the last 8 years is that you really do the work (and play as well!) – you're incredibly inspirational and the reason I read you so much now is that I know you'll be a good compass for me when I'm maintaining. You've always motivated me to get off my arse and go for a walk even if my surroundings aren’t quite so stunning as yours!
And 7lbs is a fantastic loss, and I'm sure that as you've been so determined despite the slow scales recently, I'm sure they'll continue in that vein!