Monday, 23 February 2015

Another Monday weigh in

There are going to be a LOT of them given how long it's going take me to shed this lard so get used to it!!

It was a bit of a dodgy week dietwise.  A couple of days were seriously over on syns for no particular reason other than lack of organisation, we had another football away day on Saturday not to mention surviving the buffet of doom yesterday.  Eeeek.  However, I managed to up my exercise from 1 run and a loads of walks to 2 runs and a home workout plus a load of walks so I'm getting there.

To put you out of your suspense (yeah, right), I dropped 1.4lbs this week and my stats are as follows:

Starting weight    17.0.4
Week 7 drop        -1.4
Current weight     16.3.4
Total drop            -11

11!!  That's nearly a stone right??  I COULD do the rest in a week, couldn't I?  Or more likely in 3 (if I'm lucky).

Looking through my tracker for last week I can see the start of the "relaxation" process.  The "I've got this thing sorted so I can just have this X or Y and it'll be fine" thinking.  Where before I would have been fine with Flora, now the odd bit of butter has crept in; an extra piece of bread (counted) here; a chocolate there.  Nothing heinous but one day I hit 26 syns for no real reason and that can't happen too often.

Strangely the football away day probably did me a favour.  We went to Derby with the usual gang but also met up with one of Rich's old school friends, Kate.  We had had a bacon and egg sarnie before we left around 9ish and then I scarfed down 4 pints of delicious Castle Rock Elsie Mo bitter (yum).  The food situation in the pub was useless - flabby white breadcakes with ham or cheese or pork pies.  The match no better with pies or burgers so I just didn't eat.  After the game back to the pub where I switched to diet coke (not great I know but better than beer!) and then the train back to Sheffield.

We had an hour to wait before our connection home at 8.30pm and by this time I was RAVENOUS! The lads all piled into Burger King or the pub on the station.   Oh God - temptation!!  Thank God that Marks & Sparks was open.  I turned away from the evil temptress of a burger or a panini in favour of a ruinously expensive M&S salad and packet of chicken.  And I stuck to it despite shepherding 4 drunk boys home which requires serious patience and is not easy when you're hungry and irritable.  I realised that being hungry is not the worst thing in the world and sticking to a plan (albeit one which involved 4 pints of bitter?!) is more important than giving in to pies, burgers or crappy breadcakes filled with bland cheese.

The downside of being hungry is that the next day you're still dangerously empty and the temptation is to fill up quick.  Not great when you're heading to Widnes for a christening where you don't know many people and which will involve a buffet.... But, I ate sensibly and stuck to meat, salmon and salad at the buffet ignoring the pastry and fried goodies (evil little beggars).

I also remembered my telly days and harnessed my chimp by telling the people we were with that I was dieting.  This helped a great deal as cake after cake was brought round and just about forced on us!  If I hadn't nailed my colours to the mast early, I'm sure I would have given in and had a slice of something.

So, despite having a bit of a dodgy week, I have earned my 1.4lb drop and I'm proud of it.


keepoffthearse said...

Stranger things have happened than that 3lbs suddenly coming off! Glad it's all heading in the right direction still. Today's the first day I've felt human in nearly 3 weeks what with the flu and the biting cold of NY and the jetlag...need to dig my heels in and get a grip.

keepoffthearse said...

Oh - and I meant to say - I have to commit to doing these weigh ins every Monday this year too (at the very least) - so however long you're doing this, I'll be here too :)

Stephbospoon said...

Urgh sounds tough. So difficult at social situations when you know that one " bad day" can derail you for days, weeks...even years! You need to take a picnic with you on football days, and refuse to share!!

Isabelle said...

Well done you!