Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Richard's birthday weekend and Monday Weigh In results

Not mine, Richard's.  But it did mean a bit of wavering away from strict compliance with the SW plan. I did not go off the rails by any means, just eased up a bit in order to be able to enjoy our weekend to the full.

Friday night we went to a local posh pub for a birthday meal.  The Plough.  We haven't been there together (apart from for a snack in the beer garden) and it was lovely,  Very romantic - warm, fire, cosy furniture and decor, gorgeous food, live pianist, friendly staff and cracking wine.  I ate what I fancied (scallops and pork belly with puy lentils to start and duck breast with confit duck leg and celeriac wellington which was gorgeous!).  I didn't drink much as was driving and didn't fancy a sweet (I know - what was wrong with me??) so just a coffee and a glass of dessert wine .  Although I went over on syns, it was not crazy bad.

Saturday was all about the football.  Off to our local but didn't drink before the game.  Then an emotional thank you and farewell to our outgoing Chairman, Milan Mandaric.  It is pretty rare in footie for supporters to have so much love for the Chairman, they are usually at loggerheads but Milan saved our club 4 years ago and has steered us to stability and, now, a sale to a mega rich, Thai businessman, Mr Chansiri.  Milan came onto the pitch before kick off and gave an emotional speech about how much he loves us and won't forget us an isn't leaving, just stepping back.  Honestly, not a dry eye in the house....

After the game we went back to the pub and I sank into a couple or 4 (small) red wines.  What bliss.  What was NOT bliss though was being thwarted while trying to eat healthily.  The menu at our football local is NOT helpful to the dieter.  No jacket spuds, no soup, no salads. Everything is served in a giant yorkshire pudding, with chips, smothered in cheese, burgers, or pie-based! I spied one exception - beef chilli with rice.  Yay!  But none made - Booo!!  I had a serious discussion about this deficiency with the landlord but although he promised to see what he could do in the future, there nothing was to be done that day.

So I didn't eat between 11am when we'd had a big (SW compliant) cooked breakfast and 9.30pm.  I was ravenous and, frankly, grumpy and cheesed off.  It didn't help that Richard scarfed down a rather tasty looking kebab at the bus station on the way home.  Aaaaargh!

Sunday was fine - healthy food, long walk in the icy snow and the quiz which we lost narrowly but which was a proper laugh.  I was captain in Dave's absence on holiday which is always trying  but this time most of my choices went the right way.

And then came Monday's weigh in - a rather disappointing 0.4lbs off.  This is very slow and I don't really know why.  In the past I have not followed the regime as well as I am doing and I have tended to drop the weight (at least at the start) much faster.  I'm not losing heart and weirdly it's not causing me to stray.  I'm just going to stick to it and try (when I eventually feel better) to do more exercise as, apart from the dog walks, I'm only managing one run a week so far.

Starting weight   17.0.4
Week 5 drop       -0.4
Current weight   16.6.4
Total drop           -8.0

Actually I'm sure I would have done more exercise if it wasn't for the snow.  It has been 12 days now of solid snow covering.  It's disappearing but still our lawns are white and many pavements are ice-covered. The fields are frozen and tricky to walk on let alone run.  Not long now hopefully as it is melting (and re-freezing) very gradually. Fingers crossed.

Trouble is, my violent cough has returned in the last couple of days which is maddening.  It very nearly left me but not quite and now I'm back hacking and spluttering away which is exhausting. Two steps forward, one back....ho hum....

I'm off to my parents tomorrow for a couple of days to work and to give Dad a break.  I haven't been since before Christmas due to ill-timed snow and others visiting him so it'll be good to check them out!  I might even manage a slow jog-ette on blessedly snow-free, flat, Lincolnshire roads.  Watch this space.


Stephbospoon said...

Oh I feel your frustration about pub food. You know, I bet if they did just try to make a big chilli and do some jacket spuds, they would sell out in no time. Its no excuse really. We all know that shoving some chips & a frozen Yorkshire pud in the oven is cheaper!

Anonymous said...

It's still going down and you celebrated in style - and we're all feeling a bit of exercise cabin fever at the moment, can't wait to be shot of the lurgy and to be back on my bike every day!

It's nearly Spring, honest!