Sunday, 15 February 2015

Fingers crossed

Well the scales have been moving and in the right direction too.  I'm frantically crossing my fingers that they continue with that pleasing behaviour at least until tomorrow morning's weigh in.  I certainly feel a little slimmer and my clothes are a teeny bit more roomy so all good.

I'm also pleased that I'm still as determined to stick to it as I was at the beginning.  That's not to say that I'm expecting perfection as I don't but it is bedded in now as "what I do".

Having said that, that lack of perfection I mentioned above came to the fore yesterday.  I had been challenged by a chap from our Sheffield local to bring in a cake for Richard's birthday (which was last weekend).  Much banter on Facebook so I had to rise to the challenge.  I didn't have any time for baking until Saturday morning so I was up bright and early to create a chocolate and Guinness cake from a Delia recipe.  I had been threatening them with all sorts on Facebook - beetroot and walnut loaf etc etc

It was looking and smelling delicious right up until the moment I dropped one of the sponges while taking it out the oven!  It tipped over and, being soft and hot, crumbled into pieces.  Disaster.  I just about had time (and ingredients) to rustle up a quick replacement carrot cake but I was cursing Kenny by the time we raced into Sheffield with a still warm sponge and icing in tupperware which I applied to the cake on the boot of the car in the street outside the pub!!  As a stress buster, far too many fingerfuls of cake batter, icing and rejected cake made their way into my mouth (tasty though).

The match was dull and frustrating.  0-0 again!  We are now the second lowest scoring club in the whole league, beaten only by Aston Villa and we've only scored 8 goals out of 16 homes games.  We made some chances in the second half but somehow contrived not to score from them - gah!!

Then back home and a healthy supper of spaghetti bolognese before heading out to the Anglers in Bamford for a band and 50th birthday do and far too much wine!  5 glasses of white wine and soda made for a fun evening but makes counting syns tricky!

So, I pushed my luck SW wise yesterday but didn't use that as an excuse to go crazy and made sure that, first thing this morning, I'm right back on the straight and narrow.  We're just having a quiet day today: chores, football on the telly, dog walking, trying to book a holiday and the quiz later.

We're not really Valentines people, Rich and I, can't be bothered with the meals out and flowers etc but I do like it.  I always receive a loving, "just right" card and affirmation that I'm loved.  It makes you reflect and I've reflected again on how chilled and (for the most part) happy I am.  I hope you are too.  Or, if you're struggling a bit in life, I hope you find the key to turning it around.


Peridot said...

What a nightmare on dropping the cake!

Good luck for SoD.


Seren said...

Oh no re cake!

But, more seriously, how lovely to read about someone who is focused but balanced - it's the kind of mindset that we all need to aspire to. Keep it up!