Thursday, 19 February 2015


It rained today.  All day.  I was working from home but the dogs and I didn't fancy a run in the rain and the forecast was not promising. What to do?? I dug out my old workout books and vowed to do a proper workout.  Then I spent the next hour or so trying to think of excuses not to and hoping that the rain would disappear and we could go for a run instead.

No such luck.  I sweated through a warm up and nearly all of the Week 3 legs, abs and bum workout which I had been up to this time last year.  I faltered at the last to be honest but only missed one set of reps of 2 of the exercises.  When it came to it I just couldn't make myself do any more burpees - I detest them!  I did extra abs though in penance.

It is telling how far my fitness for that sort of exercise has fallen away.  Once upon a time I steamed through these!  But the only way I'll improve my strength and fitness is to make a start so that is what I've done. It's quite nice to have a low benchmark so I can work on improvement.....I say bravely....

In other news, my weight is stagnating again.  Despite that, I feel positive that I'll manage a drop this week though as that does seem to be the pattern.  I so want that first stone off but appreciate that it will probably take another 2 or 3 weeks so I'm just having to be patient....aaargh!!

In other, other news (if you can possibly equate such tedious fayre with "news"), I've been experiencing more stomach pain than I'm used to.  I'm fine all day, then hungry for my supper, eat that feeling great and then, in the evening after my meal, develop stomach cramps and, erm sorry, wind.  It's not like me as I usually have a pretty cast iron constitution. It doesn't seem to bear much correlation to what I'm eating as it happens after all different meals.  The only thing I'm wondering about is my post-meal orange.  I have been having an orange after my meal most evenings for a few weeks.  Has anyone heard anything about these causing stomach pain after food??

I will try to remember to cut out my orange for a few days and see if that changes things.

I'm noticing a lot more about my body now that I'm tracking my food intake.  I have generally, for the last 45 years, been fairly oblivious to its cycles and moods; don't have regular periods so never knew what was going on with those.  Probably also that cast iron constitution didn't help with my self-awareness.  But, once you start weighing every morning and writing down food and exercise, you start seeing more of what is going on.  Can't be a bad thing in the long run.

I just hope that the walk up to the pub this evening for darts and dominoes settles my tum as I don't fancy a growling stomach through a tense dominoes battle!  I'm already heartily relieved that Rich received a text a few minutes ago reassuring him that we do have a full darts team as, otherwise, I was throwing darts and I'm RUBBISH!! We would have been there all night.

Hope you're all enjoying life and looking forward to lovely weekends!


Peridot said...
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Stephbospoon said...

Could be gall stones? Where is the pain? Always worth a trip to the GP if its a new pain.