Thursday, 12 February 2015

I hate this cold!

It makes me feel weak and crappy and stops me exercising when I really want to.  So, when I felt okay, the paths and fields were all covered with treacherous snow and ice. As soon as that disappeared I relapse into cold and cough.  Come on Universe - get with the programme!!

I feel even more hemmed in as I'm working from home at Mum and Dad's to give dad a break and let him to do his shopping and pottering around.  Usually I would head out for a walk or run at lunchtime but mum is being quite active today and talking about "going home to Grimsby to see her Mummy" so I daren't even lease her for 20 minutes in case she decides to head up to the bus stop or something!

God knows how Dad feels being stuck here day after day.  Although, to be fair, he is slowing down himself and doesn't seem to mind not being as active and he could always take her with him is he needed to go somewhere.

With me working from home I only have a limited time to do something else so definitely feel the shackles!

Anyway, I've been quite good on the dieting front.  Often being at The Parentals is a licence to, erm, relax somewhat but I resisted fried fish and chips last night (the fishman from Grimsby always calls round on a Wednesday) in favour of fish poached in milk and new potatoes which was absolutely delicious.  I struggle to find stuff to eat which does not involve bread but, with some effort, have resisted on this trip.

So, I'm hopeful of a decent drop this week after the last 3 weeks of meagre rewards.  Even 2lbs would be cause for celebration!  Wish me luck.

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