Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Trying, really trying....

 Time fo another run!! Some photos from my big run on Sunday afternoon.  I started out along the river route which I covered a few weeks ago so I'll start part way through at the point I turned off last time.  This time I carried on along the river going towards Hathersage.

 It was a coolish day , sunny but with a fresh breeze.  Perfect for running.

Crossing the stream over a little bridge - the dogs have to wait for slowcoach to let them through....

The wild garlic is coming up on the riverbank but hasn't blossomed yet.  It's usually lovely there.

I stopped to give the dogs a swim and spotted a weird tiny little pink plant.  I had no idea what it was so took a picture so that someone here might identify it.

Then  a few metres later I saw a bigger one and realised that it must be Gunnera...

I covet this house....

A self-timer picture of me and the girls about to start up another big hill!

I managed to run this far but was running out of puff by now (having been going almost solidly for over an hour).  This is the gorgeous view looking back towards Hathersage and Stanage Edge beyond.

We turned into field with sheep so I dutifully put the dogs onto the lead only to discover that it was a field of grouchy rams (or tups as they're known round here) banished while the ladies do the hard work of lambing.  The dogs ignored them (as they do all sheep) and they glared balefully at us...

Then into a (very steep) wooded hillside.  This is not a well-known valley in this area so was peaceful and deserted.  Magical.

Then we emerge near the top of the hill.  Wow!

I covet this Hall....(so does Minty by the look of it...).

Now we're back round to the Bamford side with views of Win Hill and Bamford Edge (as usual!)

And pretty daffs.

Then we're finish up in the hamlet of Shatton, stopping to let the dogs have a drink at the ford.

Anyway, back to more usual fayre:
I KNOW there is a serious school of thought which says I shouldn't weigh myself every day. But I've tried NOT weighing daily and I tend to drift off and lose a week here and there doing that. On balance weighing daily is, for me, the lesser of 2 evils. The trouble is, it is darned frustrating (note the ironic "darned" there!). I have a good couple of days food and exercise wise and duly see a drop on the scales - yay - the plan works, let's just stick at it and all will be well! Then, unfathomably, the scale jumps up, not by 1lb but 3, then drops again, then jumps. I truly don't know where the hell I am this week and, despite sticking to my guns, am not feeling the love for this evening's weigh in.

It is probably TOTM issues but I FEEL fat today despite having been restrained . C'mon the scales.....

In other news, it was a nice but underwhelming weekend. I had 2 house viewings on Saturday morning, one of which might be promising so get some fingers and toes crossed peeps! They caused me to miss out on a couple of pints of beer before the game too so a little less temptation there too.

The match itself was just awful. Preston came to stop us playing and the referee joined in for fun too so the first half was the most dreadful display of stop/start rubbish. Aaaargh. The second half was slightly better, more open and my team could get the ball down and play some football for, ooh, whole minutes at a time... We eventually won 2-nil but so did our nearest rival, Sheffield United so we're still in the same position - third, when we need to be second! It's looking like the play-offs for us this year which is going to be torment. Torment I tells ya....

Saturday night was a 40th Birthday party in a local pub and much fun. I had a glass of red and then decided that I was quite happy not to drink any more and to drive home. Go me. I spent the rest of the evening happily suppling down diet coke and felt great when I sprang out of bed on Sunday morning....which is more than can be said for Richard!! And he had to play golf at 9am....tee hee.

That left me with a spare morning and no plans to fill it. This is very rare for me but quite pleasant. I had been planning a run first thing but my chimp stepped in and whittled away until I no longer fancied it. Cue much internal chimp-management while doing chores round the house. Eventually I was sucessful. I decided to "go for a walk" but wearing my running gear and taking only my little camera. I then modified this to running for at least 20 minutes along the flat bit of the river and then walking for the rest of the route. Of course, once I got going, I was enjoying the running in the fresh, crispt sunshine. I ran for well over an hour and only stopped when the hill got too steep. Even once I had walked up the steep bits, I ran again when the route flattened out. The dogs loved it it of course and we were out for over 2 hours so not a bad job all in all. If I had said to my chimp - right we're going out for a 90 minute run and hilly walk, get your kit on! - she would have freaked out. But, because I eased her into it, said we only had to run for a short while on the flat and would walk the rest of the way, she was fine, loved it even and then didn't once think about stopping once we had got going. She's weird that chimp of mine!

Then yesterday was working from home and personal training - very hard on my sore post-run legs and dancing in the evening. This all sounds very virtuous....I'm starting to feel hopeful for tonight now - stop it Lesley - what will be, will be....

Wish me luck everyone, I need it this week!!

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Seren said...

Good luck - fingers and toes crossed both for WI and for the house viewing.

I can't WAIT for the day when I look a fit and glowing as you in that picture you took of yourself on the run. Whatever the scales say, you're looking pretty fab.