Wednesday, 25 April 2012


I often have this problem while trying to work from home - 2 cocker spaniels on my lap do not aid my typing and telephoning ability!  Do you think they want something here?  Love? Chicken wings?  Attention?

At other times, like now, they totally ignore me in favour of a warm, cosy sofa...

Anyway, back to diet and exercise news.  I was not displeased with the 0.5lb off last night.  Obviously I would have preferred a miracle and to have dropped more but I had a big weekend and I was also somewhat half-hearted all week so am pleased that I managed not to wreck everything and scraped a drop.

I feel back in the groove exercise wise too.  A run on Monday, another on Tuesday, a very hard round of golf this morning.  It's a good start to the week. 

Golf was HARD today!  It was pouring with rain but, because I'd had a good round in the first part of the competition last week, I thought I should give it a go.  Hardly anyone turned out to play as the weather was so foul but my playing partner, despite having no chance in the comp, valiantly agreed to walk round with me to mark my card.  She stopped playing after 9 holes as her fingers had frozen and she was too miserable.  Luckily we met some mates walking in and they took her clubs in for her and lent her a dry hat and warm mittens to keep her going.

I, on the other hand, was just sodden, soaked through to the knickers.  I had left my waterproof trousers in the boot of my car which is in the garage so was just wearing cords; drenched, freezing cords. I was carrying my clubs for the same reason (had left my electric trolley in the boot too).  My brolly was not strong enough to stand up to the wind and my hat was too big so kept blowing off.

Weirdly though, once I'd resigned myself to being cold, wet and uncomfortable and to inflicting the same on my innocent partner, I started to play quite well.   I managed a mere 3 over par for the round giving me a collective score for the 2 rounds of 3 over.  As the only other women out on the course when I left had started their second round at 4 over, I'm hopeful that I will have won but not SURE!  One of them could have played a blinder and come in under par despite the terrible weather and the suspense is KILLING me!!

Normally I'm not so competitive.  I accept that all I can do is my best and it doesn't matter if someone else's best is better on the day.  But today, because it was so hard to get round and I played so well in such dreadful conditions, I feel like I DESERVE to win (not to mention making it worth my gallant partner's suffering).  I will be gutted if one of those 2 women pips me at the post!   I'll also be very impressed as they will have had to have played really well to do it! 

So, once again, I ask you to cross those fingers fervently for me!!


Peridot said...

They are firmly crossed...

And lovely pic of Minty and Shelagh.


Seren said...

Your dogs are so adorable - and that from a dedicated cat person!

You're a braver woman than I, but good luck and of course fingers and toes crossed.