Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Snowing! (and WI news)

I know everyone is saying the same thing but this is bizarre!  Last week I was wearing shorts and a tee shirt while playing golf in the sunshine and even picking up a bit of of a tan.  Today it is chucking it down with snow.  We have a couple of inches of fluffy, settled snow and lots more blasting out of the sky on the gale force winds.  Who knows what it is like at the top of the hill?? If it slows down this afternoon I'll head up there for a look and let you know.

At the moment though, I'm working from home (yes, I see the irony but I'm having my breakfast...).  What a boon - no getting up, dressing in inappropriate clothes and crawling to work on dangerous, slippery roads, worrying about it getting worse and how I'm going to get home.  I just get up, sling something warm on and wander next door to my laptop.  Bliss.

Anyway, this was meant to be a quick update post regarding my weigh-in last night.  It was slightly disappointing in that I only dropped 0.5lb.  However, I went, I lost, I stayed to class and I emerged re-motivated once more.  I also suspect TOTM issues as I still feel very bloated.

The class was quite full and somewhat annoying slow which prompted me to (discreetly) pull out my SW book and leaf through.  What a revelation (for a slow bear like myself)!  I need to do more of that!  I realised how far I have strayed from the actual SW plan.  How daft am I?  Thinking that just saying that I'm following the plan, being "good" in a vague way of turning down some food and drink and turning up to WI once a week means that I'm really doing the diet.  Erm, not so much...

So today I'm re-focussing on the actual SW plan.  Counting again and checking the book.  I also had a chat with Rich last night about the amount of socialising we're doing.  We've been spending too much for one thing but it also makes it harder to stay strong diet-wise.  He agreed so we're going to cut back a bit and keep an eye on social plans from both perspectives.  For example, we're going away to the Huddersfield game on Saturday and, instead of getting to the pub at crack of dawn and having 4 or 5 rounds (which would have cost a fair bit and also caused me major issues of temptation and empty calories) we are going to go later for a couple of rounds, I'll drive and won't feel deprived because we're only having a couple of rounds.  Simples.

So, I'd better get back to the grindstone.  Enjoy the snow if possible.


Peridot said...

You see NOW you're digging out the old opaques and boots, aren't you?! Still sunny here but cold. It's saving the dismal weather for the days off. And do you remember last Easter? It was a scorcher (in tabloid parlance)!

Social lives and diets are not friends are they? Still, seems like you're planning a good balance there.


Linz M said...

A loss is a loss and all that, so congrats! My social life is definitely my downfall, so I feel your pain.

No snow here either, I'm hoping it passes us by.


Isabelle said...

Pretty chilly here and some snow in the wind, but nothing on the ground. Still, it's a bit of a shock to the system...

Val said...

I'm not sure what season it is here. Last week was like mid summer this Easter weekend we've had heavy downpours and hail. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?
Thanks for your lovely comments on my Wild Horses blog. Maybe you'll get to SA sometime in the future and I can share the horses with you.