Monday, 23 April 2012

Stuck on the hump and sulking

In my last post I was keen to move forward but I have not.  I put a lb on and this is despite having a pretty good weekend (the one before last, not the one just gone).  I can only put it down to having slackened off on exercise and a few too many carbs when tired one day. 

I was frankly disappointed and disheartened and it has showed in my dedicaiton this last week too.  While not "giving up", I have been very half-hearted about exercise and drank quite a bit over the weekend.  Not out of control as I still threw in several diet drinks between the beers but it was not great SW-wise!

I also hid from the blog scene too which is a sure sign that I was in denial and a bit downbeat.

Luckily, this hiding and lack of determination has not persisted for long and I'm hoping not too much damage has been done.  (I will find out tomorrow.)  I went for a lunchitme run today which is a good sign and my eating has been stellar today too.  The weekend was too beery but I didn't go mad.

And I'm back blogging even if it is going to be a bit of a nothing-y post.  It will get me back on track and hopefully over the hump NEXT week!!!

In other news, the football has been AMAZING recently!!  I had written Wednesday off as definitely in the play-offs after the weekend before last's draw against Colchester.  But on Saturday we beat Carlisle and Sheffield United lost to MK Dons bringing us to 1 point behind them with 2 games to play.  While United are still in the driving seat with the extra point and better goal difference, it is now anyone's automatic promotion.  We're going to the away game against Brentford on Saturday which should be an awesome atmosphere.  We are just praying that United slip up against Stevenage and we win, even a draw will be enough if we win both our next 2 games!!! 

And the great thing is that, even if we do finish 3rd, we still are favourties to go up through the play-offs! 

The extra-time winning goal on Saturday triggered an explosion of noise at Hillsborough!  I haven't seen a crowd go crazy like that in years!  All 3 home sides of the ground were just bouncing up and down (a peculiar celebration developed by the Wednesday crowd which is strangely effective).  I even saw people in the directors' box bouncing!  It's hard to describe how good something like that feels - collective emotion is very powerful.

I've also been playing quite a bit of golf.  Mostly in the pouring rain.  Last Wednesday was soaking wet from start to finish and yet me and my playing partner played really well!  We are lying 2nd and 3rd at the halfway point of the 36 hole competition and both had our handicaps cut.  I played in a knockout comp on Friday afternoon too.  It started really badly (because I was rushing from work I think) and I was 3 down after only 3 holes.  Somehow though, I managed to settle it down and gradually overhaul the deficit until I eventually won 5 up with 4 to play!  Most pleasing.

Then there was a great band on in our local on Saturday night;, another golf match on Sunday morning (didn't play well); and finally my friend from Oz  came for a catch-up on Sunday afternoon.  It has all been Go in this household.

So, I'll go and take my WI punishment tomorrow and get right back on track - I promise!  (BTW - I took my Oz mate to Castleton and peered disconsolately at the 1530 restaurant which is to be my half stone reward - it is getting further away!)


Peridot said...

Ah Lesley - you know that SoD can throw random curveballs at you sometimes to mess with your head, don't let it! It just proves the randomness of the universe and you have to try and keep the faith: if you did everything right (and slightly less exercise is not not doing everything right) then you should have lost and it will be something like water retention. Chin up chuck, as a wise woman once said....!


Linz M said...

Fingers crossed for you. My scales showed me 4lbs down after a weekend of gorging myself, so I'm presuming they are telling me big fat lies as yours hopefully are too :)