Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Easter Review

We had a packed programe of events for the Easter weekend as you would expect and it was lovely. Knowing what was to come, though, we started with a "nothing" day on Friday. A lovely long lie-in, pancakes for breakfast (not SW compliant but I didn't have anything else in the house!) followed by a long, cold walk in the afternoon.

You'd think I never go for a walk as I made so many schoolgirl errors in the planning, or lack of it, of this one! Firstly, 3 measly pancakes do not provide sufficient fuel for a long, cold walk! We were starving by the time we got about halfway round!! Secondly, I parked at the TOP of a massive hill. Stupid woman. So we walked along Curbar Edge, down the big hill to Baslow, along the river to Froggatt and then, when we were chilled through, had achy legs and were tired and hungry, we had to tackle the massive and very steep hill back to the car. As I said, schoolgirl!

But it was great to be out for a few hours blowing the cobwebs away and watching the dogs pootling around the rocks, fields, heather moortop, river and woodland. My photos are not great as it was pretty dark and murky but at least we didn't get wet.

Saturday was another marathon but of a different sort. We went to the away game against Huddersfield which entailed meeting up in the pub by 10 for a lunchtime kick-off. I really tried to limit my beer intake, honest, missing out rounds and throwing in the odd diet coke but even so, the tally was too high at 3 pints and a bottle of lager. And the food was woeful too. I made a big breakfast before we went in the hope that this would stop me eating junk. Well, it did but we were ravenous by late afternoon and the choice was very limited - so a cheeseburger it was. And then someone sent round free chips!! Aaaargh.

I must try to learn from this. I did save up as many syns as I could prior to the day out so I suppose the beer was countable and not too fatal. I should NOT have had the extra, impulse bottle at the ground though. And I will take sandwiches or something to eat on the coach next time - at least this will keep me away from the rubbish burger/pie/chips option which I don't even like!

But, I'm not going to beat myself up as it was a cracking day out! Huddersfield are not only local, Yorkshire rivals but also only one place behind us in the table. They are, like us, still in the hunt for automatic promotion behind our other rivals, Sheffield United. So we had a massive boost following a 2-nil victory and played extremely well. Bliss. I think the battle is now just realistically between us and United but, unfortunately for us, United will keep on winning as well - it's most inconvenient!!

Sunday was a cool breezy and slightly drizzley day so golf it was! I played a social round with my golf buddy Nigel while Rich went up to his club for a competition. I got right back on track diet wise which I was pleased about. I nearly weakened and opened a bottle of wine to go with the Sunday roast but Rich helped keep me on the straight and narrow. So, full of fresh air after golf and dog walking and Sunday dinner, we settled down in front of the fire and TV for yet another marathon, this time watching the final round of the Masters at Augusta. What a competition! So many twists and turns and brilliant golf. Perfect.

And that just leaves Monday. More football watching. This time we were at home so not (quite) as much beer and healthier food. My pal Kerry turned up and we had a great laugh. And the football wasn't bad either. They didn't play well in the first half but still managed a 3-nil victory. Happy smiles all round.

And now I'm going to come back down to earth with a bump. Weigh-in tonight! What sadist planned that then? I will be lucky to scrape any sort of loss but am ever hopeful!

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