Monday, 30 April 2012

How NOT to diet

I've been pretty good all week but the scales have been stubbornly unimpressed.  Hey ho, I don't worry about that when I'm eating right and exercising.  But I have been aware of a BIG Saturday day out looming.  Sure enough, on Saturday morning, my scales show a nice healthy 2lb drop.  Yay.

So this is what I did, knowingly and with "malice" aforethought:

7am - up, showered and dressed.  Feed dogs, quick walk and kiss them goodbye for the day (the dogwalker will come twice though!).

7.30am - Hit the pub. 1.5 pints and a bacon sandwich

8am - Buy Maccy D cappucino for the coach ride.

11.30am - Hit the next pub. 3 pints and fish and chips for lunch.

2.15pm - Arrive at Brentford United's ground, fail to get into a pub for more beers so spot the celebrities (well, Milan Mandaric, our owner, Ron Atkinson, our former manager and Roy Hattersley a big fan).  Another muddy coffee from the ground.

3pm - Kickoff.  Bounce on and off for the next 2 hours!!  We won!  The pressure is now on our neighbours, Sheffield United to win in their late kick-off game versus Stevenage.

5pm - Coach ride home.  Eat pack-up - chicken and stuffing sandwich, mini porkpie, share of bag of crisps, some sweets, another (Starbucks) cappucino.  We listen or watch the United/Stevenage game during the journey.  When Stevenage score the coach erupts and there is much bouncing.  We did not drink cans of beer or cider but many people did.  Much joy and singing and bouncing on the coach when United fail to win (they drew 2-all) which leaves us 1 point ahead of them going into the last game of the season on Saturday!!  It's in our hands now.  If we can beat Wycombe at home, we're promoted automatically and don't have to got through the nightmare of the play-offs.  Bring it on.

8.30pm- Arrive back at our home pub in Sheffield.  The landlord buys everyone a pint and we settle in for a party.  Another 4 pints later, we leave at midnight.

I don't want to even think about the SW syn count for the day.  The thing is - I had a brilliant day and I'd do it again.  If it sets me back, well, it'll just take me longer to get there but what is my hurry.  The key thing to remember, is not to let the "bad" day carry over.  And I didn't.

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Peridot said...

I absolutely think you're right - it's when it bleeds into the days in advance of anticipating a big event and the days afterwards when you can't get back to it that really causes all the problems.

I had enforced cake tasting on Sunday which will have caused my weight to go go up c2lbs. Just hoping that I stopped it there will cause SoD to be lenient on Wednesday.