Friday, 30 March 2012

Hasn't it been gorgeous this week?  Typically, of course, now that the weekend is upon us, the sun has done a disappearing act and we're back to white cloud once more.  I've worked from home a few days and managed several sunny dog walks and a couple of runs too so I've tried to make the most of the unseasonal loveliness.

Even when I have gone to work in Rotherham, I've had the roof down for my drives home and have enjoyed every breezy minute - in March!!

The dogs have been in heaven too, snuffling round the garden, barking at the neighbours and the neighbours' cats.  Even Shelagh has not complained too vociferously about being made to go for a run!  Usually she is extremely mardy about running and hangs back just enough to tug annoyingly on the lead or, if she's off the lead, to cause me to have to wait for her in order to express her irritation!  But, now that the sunshine is here, she has uncomplainingly trotted alongside me!

Doncha just love a running dog with flappy ears?!

And lush spring flowers...aaah...

I've just realised that I haven't reported back on my weigh in on Tuesday.  Firstly the bad news - 0.5 ON.  Grrr.  Secondly the good news - I stayed to class and emerged re-energised and re-motivated.  (And, it could have been worse!!)

I am currently having a good week and on a sneaky midweek WI, the scales have shown a healthy drop.  I just need to keep it up now.  Exercise and drastically cutting back on the booze is the key I think. 

Helpfully, I have 2 viewings of my old house on Saturday morning which will prevent me heading to the pub before the football which has been moved to 12.45 as it is on Sky TV so that is one opportunity for beer off the table.  Also, a night out with the Captain of Rich's golf club and his wife has been cancelled so no meal and pub to negotiate tonight either.  We do, however, have a 40th birthday party to attend tomorrow night which will not be a quiet event!

I don't want to get to the point that I have to avoid social events altogether jsut because I'm dieting but, while my diet is somewhat, shall we say, precarious, it is helpful to have a quiet couple of weeks to allow it to bed in.  I have been managing to choose diet coke or water at the pub recently and only having one drink which is progress.  Baby steps!!

Another helpful factor could be the fact that the Hathersage outdoor swimming pool is opening for the summer season tomorrow!  I'm going to buy a season ticket after a couple of years off.  Last year I wouldn't have been able to make sufficient use of it to justify the season ticket and there is no point in paying on the gate as it gets so busy in the summer.  This year, with more frequent home-working, I should be able to go at least a couple of times a week.  

Check out the website - it looks lovely now the works have been finished and we have proper changing rooms rather than drafty huts!!

So - have a lovely weekend whatever the weather.  If you're dieting, stay strong; if you're missing family, keep busy and enjoy life until you're together again; if you're looking after triplets - good luck!!!; if you're walking in Sussex, have a great time; and the rest of you keep cooking, knitting, crocheting, taking gorgeous photographs and doing all the other great things which will keep me entertained in your fantastic blogs next week and beyond!!


Seren said...

And a very lovely weekend to you too! You sound in a fabulous state of mind, so am sure we will be hearing good WI news next week!


Peridot said...

Outdoor swimming? They make you girls tough up north!

If the Sussex walker is me, it's actually Suffolk. Kind of close. Ish. In name, if not geography. But thanks!