Friday, 9 March 2012

A sunny lunchtime run

This is a route I used to take all the time when I lived in my old house.  It was our "normal" dog walk and as such probably under-appreciated.  Anyway, I was casting around for a bit of variety on a beautiful sunny Monday lunchtime and decided to jog down memory lane.

It was rather muddy at the beginning next to the river, lots of slithering through ankle deep mud.

But then we hit the open fields and rhe mud disappears.  It's very peaceful with the river burbling away next to us.

What a stunning blue sky!

The dogs keep a steady trot alongside me.

The view back towards Win Hill and a much-photographed barn for interest.

We had to stop at our official swimming point for Shelagh to go for a dip and collect some sticks.

Minty had rolled in something unspeakable (I think it might have been some form of fish!) so I forceably rolled her in the shallows and tried to get rid of the worst of it.  Here she is running away from me in bewilderment!  She still stank even after I shampooed her!!

And her "Mental Minty" stage running madly round in circles trying to dry off!

Then the fun stops and we have to go UP HILL!

But the views from the top are worth it.  This is looking over towards Hathersage with Carl Wark and Higger Tor in the background.

And the other way towards Bamford and Bamford Edge on the right.

Back homewards along a mercifully flat farm track and no sheep so the dogs can run free.

Minty finds a giant stick ...

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