Tuesday, 13 March 2012

CIty centre sights

Ok so this is a departure for me but I thought you might be bored of countryside for a while so I took some pics on my phone while I was in Sheffield this morning for a course.  This is probably the nicest part of Sheffield city centre, the Peace Gardens at the back of the Town Hall.

I've always loved it.  It's brilliant public realm.  Beautifully built and finished, useable, much loved and always busy. So much better now that the detested "eggbox", 1960's yellowy concrete council offices have been taken down and replaced by a smart hotel, the Winters Gardens and some posh offices.

This was early, before 8am and already there was a class full of hi-vis-bejacketed primary school kids and this mother and son gazing into the fountain.

This is the back view of the Town Hall....extravagantly gothic.  Looks good against a bright blue sky but can be a tad gloomy in the middle of winter...  We're at lunchtime now hence the greater crowd of people enjoying the spring sunshine.

There are several of these fountains all leading into the centre.  I like the understated sheet of water and the colourful tiles in the steps below.

Even the water channels have been thought through.  I love the aqua colour and the fishy design....or are they meant to be leaves??

So, update time.  It was weigh in tonight and I managed a modest but satisfactory 1.5lbs off.  That is a loss for 2 weeks in a row for the first time in ages!  I'm pleased but need to keep the pressure on.  Small losses are all very well but they don't leave you any wriggle room for bad weeks if you want to make ANY progress in the long run.

I have been doing better at the exercise, several runs and managing longer distances or better speeds.  So a qualified tick there - I still need to find something in addition to the runs and training but I'll get there.

Foodwise, not bad.  I have cut out most of the pointless treats but I had a wobble over the weekend and had one day when I had a series of totally unnecessary and carb-filled extras.  Could have kicked myself.  Well, did kick myself and thankfully was able to leave it at that!

I'll have to be extra good for the rest of the week as we have a big day out on Saturday.  A coach trip to the football in Nottingham for the Sheffield Wednesday vs Notts County.  We are going on a free Brewery tour with the pub we drink in before matches.  It's a Castle Rock pub and they brewery heard about the coach trip and offered the freebie.  What can you do??  I will try and limit the damage but suspect that the best tactic will be restraint in advance....

We have a very busy series of weekends coming up.  We're getting to the business end of the football series and we have 4 away games coming up!  That's all but one. Then there's a trip to London to see my old pal Brona.  The golfing season is about to start.  And family events are rearing their head too.  Dieting is going to be tricky so I'll need to keep focus....really need to....


Seren said...

You can do it (keep focus, I mean)...you've already started recognising your danger points and that's is the perfect place to start. And well done on your loss - I'd say 1.5 is pretty good going.

Loving your pics, as always - I've never been to Sheffield so lovely to get an insight.


Peridot said...

Well done on the loss! A good amount of lardage I'd have said.

Who'd have thought Sheffield could be so pretty?!


Claire said...

Well done on the loss and nice to see my beloved city looking its best. x