Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Too busy for the glums!!

Thanks everyone for the nice comments, they are ALWAYS appreciated.

I'm feeling much better this week.  Dad and I have been  in touch and he is coping much better now.  I think just being able to talk absolutely honestly and openly has been a relief for him.  I suppose transitions to any new phase of an illness are always going to be the hardest times.

Weightwise, I couldn't make it to my weigh-in yesterday evening in the end.  I was rushing back from a digital photography course in Bakewell and then straight out to the football.  However, I weighed myself this morning and I think I would have dropped a small amount, maybe a lb or at least 0.5 lb.  I will keep at it and hopefully will see a proper drop next week.

This week has been very busy.  Sunday with our parents and the last quiz of the season.  Monday was dancing - a tough class!  Tuesday I had the photography course I mentioned above and then the footbal.  This morning was golf and tonight I'm taking Richard's stepmum to the ballet in Sheffield for her Christmas present.  I'm looking forward to Thursday night off before we head down to London for the weekend and it all starts again!

The photography course was excellent though.  I had been looking for one but the ones I'd seen seemed not-quite- right - too much about composition of photos or manipulation of images (photoshop etc).  I just wanted someone to tell me what all the buttons on my DSLR camera actually DO and why using them might be a good idea!  Also they had cost quite a bit - £100 to £120 which is a lot for a course which doesn't quite fit the bill.

Anyway, one day while perusing the endless Groupon emails I am sent, this course jumped out at me.  A beginners' guide to the digital camera, in Bakewell which is only 20 minutes away from home and costing only £29!!  Bargain.

It was spot on.  We spent the morning going through the buttons and being taught about apertures, exposure compensation, shutter speed, metering and dozens of other features on our cameras which we'd all hitherto ignored in favour of the Auto button!!  We then had a lovely, although non-SW-complient lunch of pie and peas.....mmmmmm.  The afternoon comprised a photography walk in the sunshine round Bakewell to practise followed by a brief look at what we'd done and a critique of the settings we'd chosen.

I really enjoy learning new stuff so loved it but was exhausted by the time we got back from the footie at 10pm....just dropped into bed and crashed out.

Here is a selection of pics I took during the afternoon walk:


And after golf this morning I'm still fit to drop.  Hope I don't snooze (or snore) through the ballet!


Claire said...

Wow! They are great. X

Seren said...

Beautiful pictures, as always.

Glad things are feeling a bit better - I didn't get the chance to comment on your last post but was sending big virtual hugs :)


Peridot said...

What a packed agenda - phew, made me tired just reading it!