Friday, 2 March 2012

In which, a proper start has been made!

I somehow felt different on Wednesday after the weigh in on Tuesday evening.  Like I mean it this time.  I definitely changed my approach and ate within the SW guidelines that day. 

I find working from home does help as I can have a bacon and eggs breakfast and thus avoid using my A or B boxes on breakfast, saving them for elsewhere during the day.  And then, somehow, NOT having bread or cereals at breakfast time makes it easier to be virtuous at lunchtime (cold meat salad) and leaves me some lee-way for a lovely roast chicken in the evening. 

In the interests of full disclosure I should nag myself about the small bowl of cereals I succumbed to as a snack during the afternoon (not needed - could have had fruit or cold meat).  I also had 2 small glasses of red wine when we headed to the pub for a early doors drink after work (at Rich's suggestion).  But this is an improvement over the 2 if not 3 pints I might have had a few days previously!  It also could have been diet coke or even rum and diet coke!
I will pat myself on the back for the lunchtime run though.    I had said to myself that I would only go for the short run but would push myself to run faster than usual, which I did.  When I got to the turning point though I was enjoying myself so much that I carried on for the longer circuit and ended up doing a run which normally takes me 50 minutes in just over 40!  I was knackered.

Thursday was reasonably virtuous.  Healthy breakfast; cold chicken salad for lunch and grilled kebabas and salad pittas for supper.  No booze but no exercise either.  Both for the same reason.  I had been intending to go to Zumba as my french class was cancelled but just felt too tired to think about it when I got home.  Then I thought I'd wander up to the pub for a couple later while Rich was playing darts and dominos.

 I managed neither as I fell fast asleep while watching Poirot at 8.30ish!  I must have been properly in need of sleep because it wasn't just dozing.  I was out for the count 'til I woke at 10.30 and dragged myself up the stairs to bed.   It's a good job I did get a few extra hours in too as Rich was not well overnight so I would have had a very poor night's sleep if not for the early start!

Today (Friday) has been pretty good.  I could probably have done without the hot cross bun as a mid-morning snack but no biggie.  Training at lunchtime was HARD.  After treating me gently last week the gloves were off and he BEASTED me.  But I feel good on it. 

Rich texted this morning and suggested we go to the cinema tonight so we might be seeing The Artist later.  (I do like it when he does that - it feels like a "date"!)   The trouble is, another mate called Richard texted me later and told me that my old pals Look North are in our football pub this evening seeking Wednesday fans' reaction to Megson's sacking and Dave Jones' appointment.  Which is also tempting.  We will see which option wins out when we go into town later!

Have a great weekend everyone!  (And keep up the effort Linz!!)


Isabelle said...

I'd have chosen "The Artist". I wonder which you chose.

Val said...

Your comment about finding it easier to diet when working from home was interesting. I've found quite the opposite - when I worked in an office, there were no shops nearby so no goodies to pop our for. Now that I work from home, unfortunately there's always something around to eat and my husband always has small snacks hidden around the house! But good luck with your new regime!

Linz M said...

Thanks lady :) I hope it's going well for you still... weekends are always a blooming nightmare for me, but I came out unscathed (just!).