Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Play it again Lesley!

As you know, I'm starting again for the gazillionth time and am nearing the end of my "first" week.  Weigh-in is tonight.  So, how have I got on over the weekend? 

Not too badly. I managed to rein in the indulgent eating and, while I had a few off-piste extras, it was by no means dreadful.  The main thing is that I "felt" in control and didn't succumb to that "sod it" eating which has been plaguing me for the last few weeks.  When I had something "extra",  I did consider whether I was going to have it, what I was going to have, and limited the choice to something reasonable and it didn't lead to further naughtiness once chosen.

Exercise wise, not too bad either.  My motivation to exercise is currently a lot lower than my motivation to limit my food intake so I think I did okay considering the internal opposition I had to deal with (damn chimp!).

Friday evening was NOT the cinema in the end - the landlady of the pub which was hosting Look North was keen for a decent crowd and pointed out that we can go to the cinema any time so the lure of "being on the telly" won out.  (I bet you suspected that it would Isabelle?!)  I fully intended to stay in the background having already had my moment of glory after the derby match the Sunday before.  But that was not to be either.  As soon as we walked in the landlord and landlady said to the producer "Ah, here she is, she'll be interviewed after Kevin". 

It was a fait accompli and when I protested to the presenter, Tania, she wouldn't let me off - she was keen to have woman being interviewed as she says it is usually too male-centric when one is discussing football.  Richard firmly declined to be interviewed but did stand on camera next to me along with our other pals.  It was a lot scarier than Sunday as it was live in the main news bulletin so any muck-ups would be broadcast.  But it all went well and I said my piece without incident.  I don't think as many people saw it which is good - but I've still had a fair bit of mickey taking about my new job as a football pundit.

On Saturday morning I went for a couple of hours hilly walk with a former colleague Paula, her daughter and our 3 dogs (all cocker spaniels).  I wish now I'd taken my camera as the dogs played very nicely together but the weather was miserable (grey, foggy, drizzling) so I didn't bother.   Of course the sun came out and it was lovely on Saturday afternoon when I was due to spend the afternoon indoors....sigh....

It was Kerry's birthday and she had been unwilling to arrange anything for it.  But, eventually she caved in to another of her friend's pressure and booked an "Afternoon Tea" at the Leopold Hotel in Sheffield.  It should have been excellent - a lovely venue, nice menu, nice group of 8 of us, party hats, fizz and nice scrans.  I had a meagre breakfast and nothing else until 3pm to save up for it.  Unfortunately, the Leopold Hotel let us down a bit.  While we still had a nice time, the food was very disappointing.

I mean, how hard is it NOT to serve bread that is so stale and dried out that it landed with a clunk on a plate if dropped?  I have NEVER seen such hard, dry bread served in any venue.  The scones were tasty but heavy and had hardly any jam or clotted cream inside.  The tea was far too strong and stewed.  The"dainty pastries" were so dainty as to be almost non-existent and the smoked salmon blinis dry and rubbery with slivers of lemon so miniscule that one couldn't squeeze even a drop onto one's blini.  Such a shame for Kerry and such bad business for the hotel.

After all, I'm sure all 8 of us will have told someone how poor it was and Kerry has discussed it extensively on Facebook.  I'm talking about it here and I believe one of the guests uses the hotel for corporate hospitality and is considering putting that under review.  Tut tut...

I think concept of Afternoon Tea is brilliant though and am determined to have gathering at home along those lines sometime....but do it better than the Leopold.  There really is no excuse for it though as, individually, none of the elements of the tea were in any way complicated, finger sandwiches, scones, cakes, blinis, cold meats and savouries.  Tea!  All they had to do was have decent produce and serve it on pretty stands with doilies....sigh.....

The service was attentive and a 10% discount was rendered.  It should have been at least 20% but no-one wanted to spoil Kerry's day.  The staff were clearly very embarrassed by the bread so hopefully action will be taken.....but I doubt it.

Sunday was quiet too.  I had another viewing in the morning.  Fingers crossed but no takers as yet.  A walk and holing up in front of a crackling fire and sport on the TV.  It was pretty heavenly, almost a shame when I had to leave for the pub quiz.  I was driving (to avoid temptation) and it was a longish trip but well worth it when we once again beat the Top-of-the-League runaway winners.  We are the only team to beat them home and away for years!!  We weren't quite as excited this time (getting used to it?) but it was still very satisfactory.

And finally in my weekend rundown, I shall include yesterday's virtuous run round the river at Shatton.  It was a glorious, beautiful, sunny day.  I was trying to arrange to meet up with Vicky and the twins without success so eventually had to concede defeat and go for a run instead, curse her!!  I chose a new/old route and it was lovely, but much hillier than my current routes!  So - new things are good and running is okay.

Now, wish me luck both for the weigh-in this evening but also for Sheffield Wednesday vs Bury straight afterwards....we really need the 3 points!



Seren said...

Good luck and good luck! Everything crossed.


Peridot said...

Definitely good luck for the WI.

I LOVE afternoon tea - the best I've had was at Brown's in London. But I've been to a couple of great places in Cornwall too. Not really compatible with my no-carbs eating regime but once in a while, it's got to be worth the treat (and the inevitable illness that follows!)