Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Monday, 5 March 2012

Doggy Politics

These are some photos I took while out dog walking at my parents' a couple of weeks ago.  My sister was also visiting with her family and 2 dogs, Dusty and Treacle so we took them out with us. 

As you can see, it's extremely flat in Lincolnshire!  But I love the big skies and beautiful sunsets.

This is my second niece Mary with Dusty the old man on the lead and Treacle the younger good looking chap in front.  These 2 have been a handful in the past so one has to be on a lead at all times or they might both head for the hills.  It isn't much of a problem now that Dusty is getting old but a shame that they can't run free like my 2.

Minty is perturbed and jealous by these interlopers...."Why do we have to have THEM with us Daddy?  Why??"

Then, just around the corner things go from bad to worse...2 more unaccompanied golden dogs appear!  A stunning retriever and a chunky looking Clumber spaniel behind.  Actually they weren't unaccompanied but had run ahead of their walker to say hello.  Minty was NOT impressed.

Treacle and the new guy square up but all was well - nice friendly hello's all round.  Dusty supremely disinterested.

Like Shelagh who is more interested in what is at the bottom of the undergrowth than the view, or any of the other dogs...

It is so fresh and spacious up on this Edge - you can see for miles.  I always feel as though my lungs are cleared out and can start fresh once I've been here.  I love the countryside round where I live which is definitely my "home" but this expanse of Lincolnshire is what I think about when I think of "old home".

The next day we went out again.  Dusty may be old and stiff in the hips but he is very definitely a man with his own opinions and VERY strong.  If he wants to stop and sniff, stop and sniff he will!

This time, Minty and Treacle were best of pals! Racing round checking out the rabbit warren and exploring.  I think they both enjoyed having a youngster to play with rather than having to cajole their older companion into action.

And they're off! 

But when we get closer to home - it's Dusty who takes the lead again...Creaking hips be damned, he wants to get back to his basket for a snooze....hurry up!

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