Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Thanks heavens for Wifi

I know I should be up at the old house cleaning away but the sun is shining and I've just come off the golf course instead! I played atrociously but it was still fun with lovely weather, views and company. Luckily my poor play was not of the slow variety so I didn't put off my playing partner who shot an excellent score under par.

With any luck this bad round will set me up for a good round on Friday afternoon/evening when I playing with Rich and a couple of mates...fingers crossed.

The new house is proving to be a good omen on the football front though. We went to the home game against Tranmere yesterday evening with some tiny rays of hope flaring after the good performance on Saturday afternoon and we were rewarded with a really good display of football. Wednesday beat Tranmere 4-0 which is sweet revenge for being turned over at Tranmere in February. That was a game we went to when we lost miserably on a freezing cold Tuesday night, the one tiny laugh being the chant from the Wednesday fans of "Shoulda watched Gypsy Weddings, watched gypsy weeeeddings, we should watched gypsy weddings!" meaning we should all have stayed at home and watched that Channel 4 series about Gypsy weddings instead of trawling across to Merseyside. A sentiment I heartily agreed with as an ex-Wednesday player (Enoch Showumni - great name - terrible player) slotted their 4th goal past us....

Anyway, Wednesday's change of fortune has coincided with our new house and I'm enjoying it. It was like watching a totally different team, one which had been introduced to each other and could give a damn. The last couple of months have been so disheartening to see. I hope this is it for now. We can't go up this season so all we're playing for is mid-table mediocrity but next year should be fun. There are going to be some good local derbies - Chesterfield will be coming up from League 2 and it looks like our bitter rivals, Sheffield United are going to be coming down from the Championship - yay!!

Anyway, enough football and golf for now. I've finished my coffee (and sneaky shortbread biscuit...) in this nice cafe where I'm using the free wifi and had better head up to the house for a couple of hours hard labour.....booooo

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