Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

I Heart Sunshine...

It seems to make everything easier and nicer:

Doing the laundry in winter – not one of my most hated tasks by any means – I quite like the feeling to putting the wash out on the dryer or folding the dry stuff up and putting it away clean on hanger or in drawers. But I wouldn’t say it’s fun.

Doing the laundry in summer – yay – excuse to go outside – call the dogs, listen to the birds, see what the neighbours are up to, pull up a couple of weeds while I’m at it. Admire the crisp dry clothes billowing on the line, how fresh they feel, how little ironing is going to be needed. Yay!!

Exercise in winter – raining outside, cold, slippy pavements, freezing fingers, clothes, lots of clothes. Erm, no thanks, not today – perhaps a nice stodgy supper with a bottle of wine instead??

Exercise in summer – stay inside? I don’t think so – golf, lots of golf, any excuse for a run, a dog walk which becomes longer and hillier than planned, photo opportunities, the sights and sounds of spring, not many clothes (in fact – shorts!), suncream, guilt-free supper (and a bottle of wine – some things don’t change!!). Swimming during your lunch hour and not minding about wet hair on the way back to the office.

We had a lovely weekend. Rich took my car into work on Saturday morning as his is in the garage so when I got up an hour later (really – who starts work at 7am on a Saturday!!) I jogged the 2-3 miles across the fields to his workplace with the dogs. It must have been a nice morning as even Shelagh did not complain too vociferously about the running business. I wouldn’t say I was pounding or anything but it was my first run for a couple of months and it was pain free and not too shabby in terms of pace. We then went to the football in the afternoon which was an underwhelming win for the Mighty Sheffield Wednesday (note heavy irony) but at least it was a win. Perhaps we have turned the corner on our terrible form??

A quiet evening as Rich has a horrible cold/cough. We watched “Date Night” with Tina Fey and Steve Carrell. Not bad for that sort of easy-watching comedy. It actually had several laugh out loud moments and some of the scenes were tear-inducingly funny. I wouldn’t watch it expecting it to be the best film ever but if you go in with moderate expectations and just want a light-hearted, entertaining but not brain-dead romp, you will be pleasantly surprised and pleased. Tina Fey is very funny and very clever; it’s not often a female comedian steals the show from an established male star and she did it. Also, it was nice to watch a film that was “not too long”! I hate this modern fad for epics….just ‘cos it cost a bomb to make we don’t want every film to last 2 ½ hours!! Self-indugence….harrumph...

Sunday was golf – in the sunshine – heaven. Then a lovely long walk up Bradwell Edge which was way hillier than we’d bargained for having set out just to walk along the valley floor and then got carried away by the loveliness of the afternoon. Still, once we’d reached the top, the views were spectacular, looking down on our house and paragliders and having the whole valley laid out below us. And it certainly made us feel as though we’d earned the roast chicken I’d prepared for supper! Mmmmmm….guilt-free roast dinner…..

All that fresh air though – I could NOT keep awake and totally slept through the bulk of Lewis, no idea who killed the pretty blonde girl….presumably the wicked research assistant (they’re always wicked in Mor-Lew-H'away).

Last night (Monday) was dancing again. The last for 3 weeks due to the bank holidays. We're going to be rubbish when we get back. I tell you what though - that Rich DOES like the was really romantic whatever he thinks...

And I'm happy to report that I made it to swimming this lunchtime too (52 lengths)so the regular exercise is creeping back into my routine. And I have a date for a walk in the sunshine with Rich and dogs as soon as I get home.....can't wait.....

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Claire said...

You sound really happy and in love. Good. x