Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Saturday, 23 April 2011

busy standing still

This not having broadband is a pain...I'm picking this out on my phone on a coach down to Walsall of all places. We're on our way to a Wednesday game which entailed being picked up at 8.30am and starting the day with a couple of pints and a full English in the pub before being driven to yet another pub (in Burton Upon Trent) and then onto Walsall! It's a glamorous day out in the Midlands for sure....

Last night was another big night out in our local watching a Rolling Stones tribute band. The Stoned Angels. They were great, the lead singer was a dead ringer for a young Jagger. A proper night out but I think we'll be looking forward to a night in by Tuesday which looks like being our first chance for a rest!!

So, mindful of not wanting to pile on the lard, I have been trying to fit in exercise as well. I got up yesterday and went straight out for a run. It was such a gorgeous morning even Shelagh deigned to enjoy herself. I did my usual chimp management and told myself that I only had to do a short run but then, once I got going, I carried on for a good, hilly 4 maybe 5 miles. It was truly uplifting; sunny, musical from the birdsong, lambs gambolling (there's no other word for it), dogs snuffling in hedgerows, blossom everywhere. I popped into the new florist which has just opened in the village (a very posh departure for Bradwell, wonder how long it'll last) and picked up a pretty Easter posie and felt for a moment that I could be in a movie. It was just that picturesque....

Then back down to earth for a day cleaning, unpacking and sorting the house out. We have Rich's mum, sister and 2 nieces coming over for Easter lunch/supper after golf tomorrow so had to make sure the house is shipshape. To be honest, I doubt we'd ever get it sorted if not for the threat of visitors so I'm quite happy with what we achieved. It looks great (downstairs) now.

So, on the exercise front: a run, vigorous cleaning and unpacking involving lots of lugging boxes up and down stairs and a dog walk in the evening. A very healthy supper (smoked haddock poached in milk) all washed down by too much cider and beer!! Hey ho, you win some, you lose some!!

Hope you're all enjoying a glorious sunny weekend. Long may it last.

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