Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Some photos

Seeing as I go on about golf so much these days, I thought I'd show you some pics of my course so you might appreciate what's so good about it!! The views of the Valley are amazing - Win Hill, Bamford Edge, Shatton, down towards Hathersage and over to Mam Tor and Castleton.

We're often up there and see the RAF doing low flying exercises with Chinooks or Tornados which is strange - standing on the edge of a hill watching a plane of chopper flying below you.

Down the 14th looking over to Shatton.

The view from the 17th tee with Win Hill in the background. You'll be sick of Win Hill - it seems to get everywhere in my photos!

My somewhat overblown swing...

Anyway, can't chat long as I'm just grabbing some wifi in a cafe. We're off playing golf this afternoon in Stockport and then away for the weekend. 2 rounds of golf at a nice country hotel in hereford followed by a trip down to Bristol for a couple of nights there. (And the final away game of the season against Bristol Rovers tucked in on Saturday afternoon.)

Enjoy the Royal Wedding! We'll be on the golf course but I will check out the highlights!!


Peridot said...

Have a lovely weekend away - will think of you whilst I'm on my weekend away too. Shame we had other plans which meant we couldn't take up our invites, wasn't it?!


Isabelle said...

Have a good time. I don't know how you manage to fit all that leisure in (maybe it doesn't feel like it to you!).