Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Moving house, again.

GIt's been a week since I last posted and I have not fallen off any waggon, trust me. It's just been very hectic. We moved Richard out of his flat the weekend before last and then moved ourselves out of the cottage into our new pad last weekend. The second move was a much bigger job involving more furniture and more everything to be honest. It was all day Friday (8am 'til 9pm) most of Saturday and most of Sunday.

We finished at 2pm Saturday to take the van back into Sheffield and dash to the football and were mercifully rewarded with a win! Perhaps our move was a good omen as Wednesday haven't won at home since 16 December 2010!! Then Sunday was more cleaning and final bits and bobs. I have not been so tired for a long time. The final load in my car was almost too much, thought my arms were going to give out!

The dogs were funny in a sad kind of way. Shelagh hates boxes and packing so was getting stressed. We left them in the cottage on Friday while we were coming and going but eventually realised that this wasn't helping her as she was stressing out while we were taking each load up to the house and unloading there. We noticed that she had disappeared for a few minutes so went hunting and found her in a hole between 2 conifer trees in the tiny front yard. She'd dug the hole and was crouching in it hidden by the 2 trees!! Poor little mite. After that we took them up to the new place and they seemed to understand exactly what was going on, that this was their new home, and settled down straight away after a lengthy "inspection".

The new place has a garden albeit a very overgrown and wild sort of place, lots and lots of neighbourhood cats to make friends with/chase and a massive field at the end of the road so they seem to be in heaven.

We have just about got the new place sorted. Not unpacked fully by any means but the downstairs is functioning and it's beginning to take shape.

I know we're going to love it there, it's so comfortable and spacious and warm feeling. Rich looks really relaxed there and I feel confident that this is somewhere we'll be really happy together. Yesterday evening I was in the kitchen when he came home from work and it was so lovely to greet him home on our first proper day in our first proper place together.

I'm off work this week and I would love to be at the new place tidying, decorating, unpacking and really settling in. Instead, I'm up at my old house cleaning and sorting and getting it ready to go onto the market. It is not in a good way and seems very mucky and unloved which is sad to see as I did like the house. But that's the way it is so I'm trying to make the best of it and hopefully selling it will help us both move on positively.

Food and exercise? Well, officially very poor as we've just been so busy. But the busy-ness must have paid dividends as I have not snacked or eaten a great deal and the moving is good exercise. The upshot is that I've dropped half a stone in a fortnight!! I must keep on top of things so as not to let this boon go to waste!! Both of us are determined to get back to the gym and walking (which should be easier now with the light evenings) so that should help.

Dancing last night was brilliant. We practised the new waltz steps we learned last week and also added a spin turn to the very end of the routine. I had been wondering how we were going to turn around as we ended the new steps facing the wrong direction!! The spin turn is gorgeous and the whole routine is really romantic and elegant. Love it love it love it! Our dancey pals were admiring our form as we practised so we were feeling pretty good about it all. We still haven't tried going round the room yet though, so the proof of the waltzing will be in the turning!!


Love Cat said...

First of all... half a stone in two weeks! Check you out! That's fantastic! I know what you mean about building on that - but what a great start and momentum to keep you going.

Your new place sounds lovely and so nice and relaxed. I'm sure you'll both be really happy there.


Claire said...

All sounds very positive. x

Peridot said...

Aww, poor Shelagh. My mum's yellow lab hates packing and will dash off and pack herself in the car if she can - this seems to calm her as she must feel she's not going to be left behind.

Half a stone! That's phenomenal!

I hope you'll be really happy in your new home.