Monday, 20 April 2009

Stopping the rot....again...

The dogs and I went for a photography based walk on Saturday - I took my long lense to capture lambs and other rural sights. I liked this horse with a whole field of his own who was determined to steal from the neighbours... Truly, the grass is greener.

Then we met a very feisty and fun-loving dog, chained in a field. I don't normally like to see this but I happen to know the farmer and know that the dogs spends most of their days with him so don't feel too bad. She was having a great time barking at Minty anyway! I took loads of her because she was so photogenic!

And then we saw LOADS of sheep and lambs. I love this time of year and could spend ages trying to capture their various expressions. The dogs do not assist in this endeavour but I can see their point; to Minty a lamb is about the same size and colouring as her,why should she not play with it??

I love his velvety black legs and elegant.

As I'm going to be working with elite fitness coaches and nutritionists very shortly, I thought I had better try and get my head back into gear. I've been feeling very fat and unmotivated recently so today was important. And, overall, not too bad:

Healthy breakfast; managed to talk myself out of McDonalds cappucino; healthy lunch; 2 plain biscuits from the snack table (not so good but could have been worse); smoked sausage snack thingy when I got in from work (but managed to avoid all sorts of goodies in the shop on the way home while hungry!!); 4 mile brisk walk with the dogs and reasonably light supper followed by an apple. Not a starvation day by any means but not bad.

At least I'll be going to training tomorrow morning saying that I've been better over the last 2 days rather than with tales of woe. And I've done a LOT of walking. I went for a mega trek on Sunday, just me and the dogs. It was meant to be a fairly normal hour, hour and a half round the dam and ended up more like 4 hours round the dam, up Win Hill and across various moors and fields homewards. We were knackered and stiff when we got home but it was good exercise.

I can't seem to make myself get out and sweat at the moment. Apart from personal training twice a week which is sacrosanct, I'm only managing one other sweaty type of exercise every week. But I can make myself do the walks (because they're not a chore). So, if that's the way it is, I'm just going to make sure I go for LONG walks! What's that American phrase: if life deals you lemons, make lemonade...

So, that's why I've not been very active on the blog recently; because I've not had much to report and have been a bit, you know, blah. Not depressed as such, just a bit flat. Anyway, this TV thingy should change that and I'm really looking forward to my forthcoming Boot Camp at the hands of the people who helped create Chris Hoy's epic thighs!!

I was meant to be starting on Wednesday morning on the track of the Velodrome (being filmed in lycra trying to make one of the Olympic type bikes wobble round the track!!) but now we're meeting with Steve P on Thurday evening instead and will do the track thing next week. I'll also meet the other women taking part in the show. Exciting stuff eh?

So, watch this space. Oh, BTW sorry Peri, it's going to be on Sky Real Lives in the autumn (how obscure is that?).


Peridot said...

Okay, my cycling advice to you is WEAR PADDING. You have NO idea how much your ass/pelvis can hurt. I have (more than) ample padding but still felt very real pain.

Can we do a video thing where you send me a tape and then I send it back? I NEED to see this.

Peridot x

Mrs said...

It's just all soooooo exciting, even though you have felt flat.

And, even though you haven't been sweating (by God, you WILL be!!!), you've kept up the movement/exercise. And that is the key, isn't it?

I've missed your humour so it's great to have you blogging again! You're like a dose of commonsense but it always, always makes me smile!

Big kiss. Or, mwah, mwah!!!!

Mrs Lxxxx