Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Consolidate and anticipate.

These 4 likely lads reminded me of the posters for Reservoir Dogs, lamb style... Ok, I'm stretching here...I can't quite picture any of them biting someone's ear off

And again only this time one of them is sticking his tongue out at me!

More sheep with the lovely village of Bamford in the background.

And a very winsome mother/child combo. Honestly, I could take pics of sheep all day, you're going to be so bored of them by the time I run out of pics to post...

I've had another decent day (albeit not finished yet) so I thought an early post on my return from work would consolidate the good stuff and encourage me to not to go off the rails this evening thereby anticipating temptation. Not bad eh???

So the food summary:

Healthy breakfast; no cappucino; v healthy lunch; 2 biscuits (again, dammit, but then I did sit through the most boring meeting known to man with plate of scrummy bics in front of me the whole time and only had 2 plain ones at the very end!!); pasta for supper being cooked as we speak. I will probably also have some fruit and/or yoghurt.

I'm not taking the dogs out this evening as I went to training this morning and they went for a walk at lunchtime. I really need to get on with some chores round the house to make it presentable for my 3 school pals who are visiting for the weekend. We're all turning 40 this year so thought we'd go for a swanky weekend away (no small feat for the 2 with kids) but due to various logistical cock-ups we left it too late to book anywhere nice so we've ended up having the weekend at my place. We're going to spend the dough we would have spent on a hotel on a spa and posh meal out and taxis etc and I've promised to put chocs on the pillows for the spoilt brats so they can pretend they're in a hotel!!

I'll probably enjoy it more anyway as we'll have the dogs and I know good places locally rather than taking potluck in an unknown city. Anyway, you know me, I prefer the countryside to the town....such a culchy girl these days!

So, send good resistance vibes my way for the rest of the evening and I promise to hoover and scrub extra hard to burn up loads of calories. Have a good evening all.

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Peridot said...

You did well in that meeting - if there's biscuits in a meeting I can't even think about anything else. Sad but true.

I like cycling much better than running but do still have a sore 'sitting bone' area - ouch!

Peridot x