Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Friday, 17 April 2009

Fame at last...mwah ha ha ha!

Pics from a couple of weekends ago with my pal Pernille and her 2 lads. Despite being proper London boys, they had such a good time out in the country, climbing stuff and getting mucky - really warmed the old cockles...

The thing I mentioned in the last post has come off after all so I can explain more. I'm going to be taking part in a TV show following me (and a couple of others) while we undertake a regime of fitness and psychological "reprogramming" supervised by the support staff for the British Olympic Cycling team. Yes, put that way, it sounds very weird.

The Olympic cycling team have a psychiatrist on the staff called Dr Steve Peters. He's been credited by several of their top performers (Christ Hoy, Victoria Pendleton and others) as being one of the main reasons for their successes. (Check him out on Google; he's pretty impressive.)He wants to apply his methods to ordinary people rather than just elite athletes and is writing a book to this effect. No doubt with an eye to a book tie-in he and other members of the cycling team's support staff (fitness, nutrition, body conditioning etc) have done a deal with Sky Real Lives to make a 3 part programme following 3 (I think) women over 4 months while they work with Steve Peters and the team at the Manchester Velodrome.

And one of the lucky women is me!

So a big thank you to Mrs L who kindly recommended me to the TV company (I don't know how she heard of it) because I think it's going to be quite a special opportunity.

I'm really not bothered about being on TV, in fact I'd rather it wasn't but that is the price you have to pay and I'm sure it will have the effect of making me stick to the programme knowing that any failure will be broadcast!

I've only met Steve Peters briefly and that was while being filmed in the final interview/audition on Wednesday evening so we couldn't really chat. But he struck me as a very intelligent, focused and determined bloke. The main thing he said was that he wants to work with me to make the whole eating healthily and exercising thing stop being a "battle". He wants to help me get to the stage where I want to do it rather than I must make myself do it. If that happens, it would be fantastic - it's all I want really.

So, I'm going to give this a massive shot and work really hard and hope that my bum doesn't look too huge in lycra on the telly!!!

Got to go now but will check in again soon. Hope you're all having a good weekend.


Isabelle said...

Goodness me, how tremendously exciting!

Peridot said...

Wow, how exciting! Will it be on 'normal' telly so mere mortals like me (okay,weirdos with a pathalogical hatred of satellite dishes) can watch you in glorious technicolour? I think you'll be AMAZING!

Peridot x

Claire said...

Well fab! You must tell us when it's on. x

Shauna said...

OMG how coooool! that sounds brilliant! go for gold, baby!