Tuesday, 28 April 2009


I had a bit of a flat day yesterday. I didn't do anything in particular wrong; my only sins were some pitta bread and hummus when I got back in from work and a couple of leftover Lindor chocs. Apart from that it was a pretty good day foodwise and (because of my blog pledge yesterday morning) I forced myself to do 25 minutes on the trampette in lieu of a run in the rain.

But, my motivation was nil. I struggled to do much in the way of work yesterday and when I got home it was the same story. I was aware of the problem and trying to kickstart myself but without a great deal of sucess.

Flat flat flat

So, is today going to be different? Well, I have definitely got personal training this evening so I won't be able to lounge around. I feel pretty flat now to be honest but I'm going to try and tackle various tasks in the hope that, once I start, I'll get motivated again.

Bloody chimp. She is intrinsically lazy and scared of the work I have on my plate. Steve explained that, often the desire to put things off comes from your chimp: she is scared that she won't be able to do something so she freezes or runs away from it. I was in full avoidance mode yesterday and I'm not going to stand for it today.

Targets for today (on top of personal training of course):
  • Go to bed at a decent time
  • Phone a couple of people, don't stay in my "cave" sulking
  • Keep a food diary


Peridot said...

It's when you make good choices when it's a struggle that you know you're doing well. That's you! Good for you.

Peridot x

Mrs said...

Is the flatness hormone-related?

Don't sulk in your cave; you're better than that.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lard xxxxxxxxxxxx

Mrs said...

PS And don't worry. All will be well! xxxxxx

Glam said...

Hoping you're starting to feel less flat! And it's so hard to make healthy choices when you feel like crap, so props to you, missy!