Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Better days

My walk last Sunday with my old school friends.

It's late and I'm tired as I'm just back from the Velodrome in Manchester from filming the latest instalment of the TV programme thingy.

I just wanted to check in and say that I had much better days yesterday (Tuesday and today) after my "flat" Monday. More exercise, less food and just generally brighter and more motivated.

The exercise programme started in earnest this evening and we have had shiney new WattBikes (spinning bikes I think) delivered to our houses today and we will be on them every day from now on in! All my training over the years has not been in vain as I was the fittest. Our average wattage was the main thing they seemed concerned about and mine was 160 whereas the other womens' ranged from 86 to 126. So, I've set the bar high for myself and intend to better it week on week.

The fittness coach guy is a world leader and a chipper Aussie. Very full on and upbeat but very uncompromising too.

The gloves are well and truly off when it comes to their expectations of us. Last week was a warm up with very touchy feely goals, targets and expectations. This week Steve sandbagged us with toughness and very exacting standards. He basically said that we are part of British Cycling now and should adhere to their standards which means that we must be "elite dieters".

So - this is my pledge - I AM AN ELITE DIETER!!!

Just one thing I haven't got my head round yet is this....I was an elite dieter in 2007 and lost 9 stone and ran a half marathon. Now I've gained a good chunk of that back and let the fitness slide. What is going to stop that happening again. The serpent in paradise so to speak.

So, more tomorrow when I am not knackered. Nighty night.


Peridot said...

So what does being an elite dieter mean? Have they given you a food programme to follow?

All very interesting!

Peridot x

Claire said...

Yes tell us more!