Monday, 13 April 2009

Lesley is a Bad Blogger!!

My Danish friend Pernille and I out walking with her 2 London boys. They turned into proper country lads and loved clambering over the rocks and streams and chasing the dogs so it was a fab weekend. More pics when I get them organised.

I have been quiet recently and thank you for popping on to say hi! I don't know why I've dropped off on the blogging front, I've not really been too bad food wise or anything. I think it must be a combination of busy at home, work and socially all at the same time - something has to give.

Anyway, I'm knackered this evening and have hardly sat down all weekend so I'm going to commune with the sofa but I will return in full blogging force this week. D is off to the rig tomorrow so I will have more time. I need to become a bit more accountable before the slackness really sets in. No damage as yet but I did detect a tight waistband today so the warning signs are there.


Peridot said...

Hey, great to have you back! I have wondered if the silence meant a spectacular trip off the rails so good to know that I was wrong.

I am suffering the post-Easter too-tight waistband today - and the fear of whether the summer wardrobe will fit or not. Back on that wagon I think.

Peridot x

Mrs said...

Hey! She is alive!

Great to have you back!

Mrs Lxxxxxx

Claire said...

Hi! Well don't drop off the radar when there is an accident on the rigs! Had me worried there! Yes I am silly and have TOO much imagination. C x