Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Monday, 27 April 2009


These were taken on my big hike last Sunday. I left the reservoir and the geese and turned onto a path going straight up hill through the woods, very peaceful and cool.

After a bit of a slog, through a Chritsmas tree plantation, I could eventually peek a tiny view over the trees.
And then I turned round to see what was still to come...

and the view to the right as I emerged from the trees...

But the view was goregous the higher we got so it was worth it. I wish the path hadn't been quite so steep and that there hadn't been a couple having a picnic directly above me watching every laboured step!

The misty evening facing Mam Tor and Lose Hill

Minty got to the top first...

Then we went over the other side and could see Bamford and home.

I love the meandering reach of the river, reminds me of far ago geography lessons (no Oxbow lake though).

It was a good but busy weekend. Ideally, I would have liked to have had a quiet weekend to be able to assimilate all the information I received last Thursday night from the Psych but life isn't always neat and tidy and you can't just cancel 3 of your oldest friends at short notice for an ideal. I certainly wouldn't want to be that person!

We've known each other since we started school back in 1980; 3 of us were in the same dorm on that first night. It's good having people who can go that far back with you. Interesting too as, when I spoke about the weight issues and the TV programme, it was clear that they didn't really "see" how strongly the issues I was talking about affected me. Sometimes, I think a lot of them are in my head. I often think that I'm obviously a "fat woman" or clearly out of kilter on the food front but, over the weekend, I didn't eat much if any more than most. I do find it harder to stop but 2 of them also seemed to pick and slightly overeat too. Made me realise that I'm more norml than I thought.

That's not to say that I can relax about the issue as it is still there waiting to get me. The fat that is!
Anyway, this is going to be a bit of a bitty post as I don't have much time but wanted to blog to keep me focused. Goals for today:

  • Carry on with my homework for the Psych today and get the bulk of it done in readiness for our next session on Wednesday evening

  • Do some form of exercise, be it a run this evening a strenuous walk or some time of the trampette.

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Mrs said...

Keep going Lesley! Well done for managing weekend with friends and Dr Steve homework!

Will support you all the way.

Big kiss.

Mrs Lard xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx