Thursday, 7 August 2008

God, it's hard but I feel better already

The second half of the piccies from my big walk a couple of weekends ago. Nat and I were joined by Stace and her mad dog, Josie!

Josie cooling down!

In answer to the questions about what exactly I'm eating, I'm sort of following a low carb, red day, week 1-4 of RTM type thingy. Basically either meat/veg/salad, a bit of fruit, no bread, very little in the way of fat/potato/pasta/rice, limit the milk to splashes in tea or coffee and, if I'm struggling for time a pack here and there. Pretty austere.

It's not sustainable in the long term and I don't intend to sustain it but need to know that I can control food and lose weight and get down to a nice size for my hols. After that, I'll work at introducing a wider variety of food, basically do Route to Management properly. I never did it and feel the lack.

I've had a good day foodwise today, probably because I was in meetings for most of the day so didn't have to angst about lunch, snack table etc etc. Resisted all the habit-y type of treats which have crept into my routine associated with going to french class. Like, stopping for a large cappucino, and maybe a muffin, at the service station on the way there! Like stopping for petrol and buying something there and (only the once admittedly) like stopping in the chip shop on the way back and buying fish and chips!!!

Had training this morning and talked a lot of foodie type stuff out ewith him too. It's a bit weird as he is uber fit and healthy and clearly never craves anything more fattening than a ryvita and works off gazillion calories per day anyway but he tries to's quite comical really...

So, I'd better take the dogs for a quick trot round the block as it's getting late. Have a good day everyone!

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Candee said...

I enjoy reading your blog. It is great to share in your life. You are encouraging me to try and make better food choices, be healthier and move more to burn calories. Keep up the good work.