Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Sunny Sunday

View of Ladybower Reservoir from Bamford Edge on a sunny evening

Minty in the sun

My friend Vicky hiding behind Minty

Isn't it weird how, when you're really busy, you get a massive amount done but, when you have a quiet day, it's hard to get anything finished?

I had a great day yesterday, racing from one thing to the next and everything was fun(despite the abjectly poor weather).

The football was awesome - Sheffield Wednesday thrashed Burnley 4-1 in the first game of the new season. To put that in context, last season we lost the first 6 games in a row and didn't have a win until the 12th game of the season!! To register a resounding victory on the first day is just brilliant and new territory for us long-suffering Wednesdayites! It was amazing: we had scored after 30 seconds and were 2-nil up after 4 minutes....

Up the Owls!

Anyway, enough of that boy stuff. The first birthday party for Oliver was nice...he was so sweet pushing his little Audi pedal car round the room. I could only stay for an hour or so but saw loads of people I haven't caught up with for a while.

The girlie night was bril too. We've been so boring recently and just stayed in the village and gone to the local pub. That's all well and good but sometimes you have to get your glad rags on and head into town.

We had a bite to eat (well I didn't as I'm dieting) and then went to see Mamma Mia. Loved it. I knew it was going to be cheesy and kitsch but it was hilarious too. I wish I wasn't English and part of such a stuffy restrained culture. It would have been great to be able to join in with some of the songs....I would have done and my mates said the same but none of us were brave enough. Maybe we would have been in a bigger cinema with a couple of drinks in us?? We saw it at a small artsy type place so it wasn't really the right crowd. I think it is going to be a cult classic....I can see Sing-Along-A-Mamma-Mia before very long, complete with Abba costumes!

After that we were off to a Cuban salsa bar which was great...dancing, chatting and having a proper laugh. They do salsa lessons there on a Saturday afternoon so we're going to try and go to a couple of those sometime...I've taken a few lessons but would like to get better. There were a couple of stunning Latin women there who could really move...they knew it but, then again, if I had a figure like that and could dance so well I would probably wear a flirty dress, a flower behind my ear and high heeled dancing sandals too!! A few of the blokes could really dance too but were a tad on the "aren't I God's gift to women/slimy" side...

Today, much quieter: watching the Olympics, gardening, chatting to Dad on the phone and doing home admin chores...going to take the dogs for a good long walk later but have to plant up some plants now....they've been hanging around on my patio for over a fortnight now and will die before I get them in the ground if I don't get them sorted soon!!

Hope you have a great weekend and be good!!

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