Wednesday, 6 August 2008

We're getting there....hopefully faster than British Rail!!!

Hi again. God I feel fat!! Isn't it weird how you start to feel really gross just after you start (properly) doing something about it?!

So, I've had a pretty good day today and, despite severe competition from that annoying anti-me sitting on my metaphorical shoulder, managed to drag myself out for a run. (Strange...I sound as though there's about 3 of me in there somehow...well, you know what I mean!)

It was really hard work. My legs seemed very heavy which is probably partly lack of running recently, partly training yesterday and partly the humidity. It was so sticky the air seemed to be sweating. Still, the good thing is, I made it out and stuck to the course I'd set myself. I ran round the river and up a steep hill and back along a farm track. It's not a long run but the hills are pretty nasty and I did them without stopping so I'm not as rusty as I thought I might be.

I'm going to try and do this route once or twice a week for a while until it gets more manageable. It is very frustrating to say this as I stopped doing this run ages ago because it was "too short and too easy"! Grrrrr.....

The other big news is that I'm going back to Lighter Life. Not necessarily to the packs, although I might use some for a while, but for the classes. Ever since my class folded I have felt a lack. I didn't bother looking for another as I didn't really get on with my LLC and thought I'd be okay without classes but I did miss the "head" side of things. So I'd better go now or I'll be late!!
The photos are a couple of weeks out of date. It was that lovely weekend 2 weeks ago when the sun shone all the time. Heaven. My friend Natalie came up from London specifically to go walking and we spent a gorgeous day out and about. I'll post the second half of this walk later.
Update - My new class was GREAT! I really liked the woman. and she's thin which makes a change from my last LLC. She's newish to the job so takes it seriously and the other women were nice. I knew one woman from my previous class but she couldn't stay this week. All in all, it felt good to have taken the first step. No packs as yet but some structure and hopefully some motivation.


J said...

Just a quickie to say very good luck xxx you sound really positive and I'm sure you'll get where you want to be xxx

Peridot said...

Well done - sounds like you're definitely back in the zone! Are you still doing SW for food as well as LL for head stuff? LL is really failing for me on the head stuff but I have a new friend who - assuming I don't bore her into a stupor - could fulfil the role of personal therapist!

Re running - I try and tell myself when I have a particularly tough run that it must be working ultra-hard to rid me of my fat stores (which are still of the hypermarket proportion!).

Peridot x