Friday, 8 August 2008

Big test today...

A summer's evening walk from The Millstone pub, down a steep hill, along the river and then back up again.

Caught in a summer shower

But saw the rainbow as compensation.....

I have a really busy day ahead of me this Saturday:

  • I have to do my weekly shop which luckily won't be too onerous as I'm not eating a great deal these days!! But I do have to feed the dogs so do have to do something.

  • Then dash to my Lighter Life pop-in;

  • buy a birthday present for a one year old;

  • swap some clothes for a smaller size...bought a top and picked up the wrong size...!

  • get to the pub before the football by 12.30!!

  • Drink, chat with Jim; then football (Come on You Blue and White Wizards!!!!);

  • then the one year old's birthday party;

  • then back home, change, feed and walk the dogs and;

  • off to a girls' night out in Sheffield

I'm tired just thinking about it. Still, the weather is not meant to be great today and I've got nothing on the agenda for tomorrow so I can kick back then and do some gardening, walking, watching of the Olympics and just general chilling. It's good to be busy, especially when you're trying to avoid overeating. I will just have to watch the temptation to drink too much on the girls' night out or in the pub with Jim (I will be sticking with water then, much to his disgust I suspect) . For me, the drinking is not a problem, it's the eating which I love too much and, if I have even a few drinks, it's harder to resist the naughty food treats.....

So, wish me luck!!!


Mrs said...

Hello lovely Lesley, star of national radio!!!

Yes, you cannot hear playback until the programme is uploaded onto the bbc website - usually an hour or two.

Finally, finally managed to catch up with the blog. I am SOOOOO pleased you found a group that you like. It will make SUCH a difference (even Peridot's new group is testing). It's so NOT about the packs, is it? But about the head stuff. So v.good.

Well done on the running - I remain in awe, in spite of my new cycling adventures. Great to have a goal for the holiday - just so you can really really enjoy it and NOT spend your time berating yourself about what you could have done beforehand.

The photos, as ever, are totally wonderful. There can never be too many, not least of the woofers!!

Have a great day today - pace yourself.

Big kiss.

Your southern friend, cheering on from the side!

Mrs Lard xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Crystal said...

Well, that kind of day should keep you real busy and out of trouble! Hope you have a great time at all your events!