Wednesday, 13 August 2008

I got me another ticker(but have since reconfigured it and it's above in my next post!!). It's amazing what being bored and sick at home will prompt you to do. I can do stuff but not for long before feeling knackered; can't really concentrate on a book and have watched just about as much Olympics as even I can take (especially as it wasn't a particularly good day for the Brits today) so this is what I have resorted to!

It's quite an ambitious target but good to have something to aim for.

I have my LL weigh-in tonight so will update it then. I'll go but not stay for the class as don't think it's fair to spread the joy in the form of my germs.

I've been hungry today and bored so have wanted to stray from the path of righteousness. I have twice told myself that I can, if I REALLY want to, buy something to eat (there is nothing nice in the house). And twice I've managed to leave the shop with nothing. I have, however, already eaten all 4 packs for the day! Still, if I end up having 5 packs today but not cheating, I will count that as a sucess.

Nothing else to report so I'll go and take the dogs for an amble before class. Bye all.

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ThickChick said...

Lesley! I'm so sorry to hear that you're under the weather.

For me, it is always so tempting to comfort myself with food when I'm sick... Good for you for resisting!

Besides, when you have a cold, it seems to dull the senses and nothing tastes as good anyway. =)

Hang in there pup!