Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Alternative WI (or Second Chance Tuesday)

As you know I've been trying the alternate day WI tactic, ie. I get a chance on both Monday AND Tuesday to drop some weight and actually make some downward progress.  Yesterday was a STS but today, Tuesday, I managed a 1.6lb drop taking me to bang on 14.4 and a total drop of 17.6 lbs.

I don't think that I'm cheating by having a go at 2 WIs.  It's more that I'm desperate to get back going  again and I'd rather be trying to drop weight from 14.4 than from 14.5.6.  It's a harder target and will mean I get down into the 13's all the sooner.

Perhaps yesterday's run and dancing last night helped.  In celebration, I went for another run today, not as long but hillier and faster so hopefully I'll see some more downward action this week.

I'm meant to be off this week to do some decorating at my old house in the hopes of getting it shifted this spring.  Fortuitously, however, I accepted an offer on Monday so do not now need to do the decorating!!  Yay!  I took today off anyway as I still have a load of chores to get through (not least taking the paints and other stuff back to B & Q unopened!). 

I know there is many a slip 'twixt cup and lip and a long way to go to get the house sold but this is great news.  It means that, hopefully, soon, I'll be finally finished with the last tie to my ex.  He has been a brooding, negative shadow in my life over the last couple of years; doing his best from afar to be as awkward and unpleasant as possible and increase my expenditure wherever possible.  While I have no doubt that there'll be one last stab at causing me irritation, selling the house will be both advantageous financially and also enable me (and Rich) to turn the page properly and really move on.

It's very exciting and I just can't wait.  It feels as though my new life (which I've been enjoying so much anyway) is about to really kick off.

It would be nice if I could face this new beginning slimmer and fitter too so that's what I need  to do - get that next stone off in time for summer!  Come on Lesley!!!


Katherine Austen said...

Very positive post! well Done on selling the house! Great news! Keep up the good work.. betweenthe 2 of us we will get into the 13's before we know it...! Also may I ask..how tall are you? What's your goal weight?

S;) said...

Yay for weight losses and offers accepted!

c macd said...

So nice to hear you sounding so happy (and a loss too!)
Sounds like you've had one of those great days where loads of good stuff happens making you feel invincible! You are and you can lose your stone by summer. Harness your feelings right now (or even bottle and sell...). and long may they last.
ps thanks for your faithful comments on my blog. I'm sure you're not my older reader but sometimes it feels that way!

Peridot said...

Fingers crossed that it will all go though smoothly.