Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentines Day

You know it seems to be the prevailing view that Valentine's Day is a total commercialised rip-off and only saps go out for meals or get flowers etc?  Well, I sort of agree with it and certainly am not interested in meals which cost twice as much as they did a few days earlier for less or forced, plasticky flowers.  But, I do think there is a lot to be said for the day itself. 

A reminder to have a think about your other half and what they mean to you.  A chance to write it down so they can read it whenever they want and an excuse to have an nice extra snog first thing in the morning!!

So, no faux romance for us today - darts and dominos at the local tonight - but lots of real romance all the time.  I wasn't expecting us to be doing anything to be honest but Rich told me a few days ago that he's going to take me into town tomorrow to have a meal and watch a film.  So nice to have someone think about us doing stuff together and actually plan it out too.

Work has been mental for the last few weeks and however much I try it doesn't seem to be getting any lighter so it's especially good to have someone I can relax with when I get home.  Someone who does his share of the chores and knows when I need a hug. 

Right, I'd better go and get changed or I'll be late for dominos and that would never do!!

Have a lovely and love-filled Valentine's Day!!


Peridot said...

Oh yes, I think you have to take every excuse to celebrate - especially at this gloomy time of year.

Hope you made to the dominoes in good time!


c macd said...

you sound soooooo loved up.
Have a great night out tonight.

Love Cat said...

This is such a lovely wee post.

Lots of real romance all the time - I love this.