Sunday, 24 February 2013

Back and back in Lincolnshire

I never mean to not post for a while; it just sort of happens.  You hear people saying, "If I'd known it was the last time we spoke I would have said something meaningful". Well, my Valentines Day post turned out not to be my last but it was certainly my last for a while.

However, the oft repeated mantra about no news in the fat-blogging world being bad news, also holds true in this case as well.  However, I wouldn't say I stopped blogging because of the bad news, more because I just felt tired from work and home chores and couldn't face my laptop.  Work has been very intense so the last thing I feel like doing after a long day hunched over a hot computer is turn on my home laptop in the evening. Add to that getting the house sold (yes, I accepted an offer on the old house a week or so ago!) and the work that goes with that, well, there has been a lot on my plate.

So, to the bad news.  Nothing dramatic, only weight ON.  But it has been most puzzling.  On 12 Feb I hit a new low of 14.4 lbs .  I was pleasantly surprised as I knew I didn't really deserve it and felt that it might not be "real".  Well, I was right but I didn't think I deserved 8lbs on either!!   Yes, you read that right - within 3 days of seeing 14.4.0 on the scales, I saw 14.12.0 on the very same scales.

I dismissed that top number as an aberration and not real and, indeed, that number has not been seen again but I have been resting around the 14.7.mark for the last few days.  It feels very unfair as, after several weeks (all of January and February really) struggling to cement the diet and exercise plan back into my life, I had actually turned a corner and got back to running and low-carbing once more and it was then that the weight went up!  Grrrr

I have managed NOT to become disheartened or to hide out on the sofa but I have been puzzled and perturbed.  Having mulled it over, I think that the excesses of January and February, which I had been holding off and "getting away with", eventually caught up with me at the same time as a poor TOTM timing.  Okay, in the scheme of things, it's annoying that I now weigh a lb more than I weighed the week before Christmas but at least I have got back to a good routine and no great damage has been done.

So, back to the grindstone once more.  I realise that I had allowed too many carbs back into my everyday diet - toast with my bacon and eggs, sandwiches at lunchtimes instead of salad etc etc.  I have cut these intruders out and re-introduced my lunchtime runs and home workouts.  I've also cut back on the casual 2 or 3 pints of bitter  or shared 2 bottles of wine(!) here and there which had been becoming more frequent.  I had a pint before the football yesterday (force of habit) but went straight onto diet cokes afterwards.  And at darts and dominoes, I stuck to rum and diet coke or just diet coke rather than either bitter or merlot.  I'm getting there again.

I think the busy-ness has both helped and hindered.  Work has gone mad but I suspect that this level of work is now my new norm - I can't see it getting any easier in the foreseeable future.  So, all I can do about that is not take the stress onboard, stay healthy, do plenty of exercise, make sure I go out at lunchtimes and not take the Council's problems into MY life.  All I can do is my best, and if, doing my best, I cannot service the work which is required, that, ultimately, is not my problem.  Having said that, I've applied for a couple of promotions in the Restructure so it might become my problem if I'm successful!

At the moment, I'm over in Coleby looking after my mother for a couple of days.  My dad has gone down to London with some friends to see an opera (must ask him what he's going to see) and won't be back until late tonight so I drove over at crack of dawn this morning and will work from here tomorrow and home tomorrow.

It is NOT this gorgeous today.  These photos were taken a few weeks ago when Rich and I were visiting - stunning eh?!

My childhood home, solid and reassuring as ever.

Minty loves a massive, flat, snowy field.


The amazing flying Minty!

So, I'll try and post a bit more frequently now and hope you're all getting on alright too!


c macd said...

It is a bugger when you look at the number of weeks of effort and the overall change being very little, I do sympathise. You sound very upbeat about it all and are mindful of all the little laxities that creep back in gradually. Do you need new scales? Cx

Peridot said...

That is a bugger indeed. 8lbs is totally unfair. You seem to be dealing with it in your usual determinedly upbeat way (as opposed to my way which is throwing yourself about, wailing and gnashing your teeth). Hope your determination is swiftly rewarded.


Katherine Austen said...

Glad to have you back! Stay positive. I hate it when your body goes against what you think it should be doing...but you will get rid of it in a flash! Love the photos!