Monday, 4 February 2013


First Monday is an (optional) WI day for me. Optional in that I choose, occasionally, to WI on Tuesday instead given Monday's fiendish proximity to the weekend. This weekend I have a dilemma in that I did step on the scales this morning and have had a STS. BUT, I want to keep the pressure on and demand a bit more of myself so that I actually make progress rather than just treading water. I am hoping that I can do a bit better tomorrow morning which will give me a harder target for next week. So, my conclusion is that I'm going to take a banker of a STS this morning but try again tomorrow for a drop.

My other dilemma is to do with clothes. As I have mentioned, I have a fair few clothes which I will fit into soon and just enough to clothe me in the meantime for my usual activities of pub going, football, dog walking, work and dancing. But, where I'm sadly lacking is going out clothes. Nights out in Sheffield or beyond. Trouble is, even when i it into stuff in my wardrobe, I have to accept that it is sadly out of date and doing me no favours in the fashion stakes.

What has brought this to a head is Saturday night's extravaganza in Sheffield for Tom's (a pal of Richard's) 40th birthday. Last time Rich and I went out with Tom and his new (much younger) girlfriend Claire, I wore jeans, boots and a evening-y top. I felt totally overdressed and frumpy and commented on the fact that ALL the women out in town were wearing party dresses. So this time, for a bigger do with more people, I tried a bit harder. I was going to wear the bodycon style dress I wore to a few pre Christmas parties which fits fine. Trouble is, when I put it on, it felt too formal for a night out in town. A bit too dinner dance-y. A bit too long (it is just above knee length. So, I tried some black 3/4 length evening trousers I had from a few years ago which I was pleased to discover fitted me. The previous evening top also felt too mumsy and I was just plain bored of wearing it as it's been pretty much my only option since last spring! So, I dug out an old sleeveless Next top.

I know that, objectively, the outfit looked nice on me, suited me and fitted fine but it is dated and out of style. I have seen that Next top or others in the same material everywhere and it is just not what the girls are wearing "out there".

They are ALL wearing dreses. Mostly short dresses. Mostly of that short, ballerina flaring out style. Even the ones who do not have the legs for short dresses. I do NOT have the legs for a short dress (especially not a flarey out one) and just cannot bring myself to wear one anyway. I have tried but look like a hippo in that particular style with my broad ahoulders and chunky thighs!! I would feel silly and try to make it a rule never to wear something unflattering just because it is in fashion. The legging under a dress thing seems to have passed too (is this right?).

I am vain enough to want to look nice AND reasonably current but also tight enough not to want to fork out money for clothes which hopefully won't fit me in a few months time. Aaaaargh!

So, the dilemma is, do I buy something party-ish for the next couple of months or do I suck it up until the summer when my options open out a bit?? I think, having typed this out, that I'm sufficiently miserable with my choices to buy something party-ish to tide myself over. I'm skint, yes, but as long as I don't spend too much, I deserve something nice to wear!

So - any recommendations??


Seren said...

Get thee to the shops! You don't have to spend loads but it is amazing what a confidence booster a new top or something can be.

Having said that, I'm all about eBay at the moment - in fact it is reaching obsessional levels. So much lovely stuff and so many bargains to be had!


S;) said...

I feel your pain on both fronts! I'd go for well-fitting jeans, heels and top - then bling it up to suit the event - and you can always stash the bling in your handbag if you're overdressed on the night!

c macd said...

one of the benefits of being in the 5th decade is that we know what suits and what doesn't. we know the best bits to emphasise and the 'challenging' areas to hide (sorry for the management speak). We do not need to follow every little fickle fashion update, rather can pick and choose the ones we want. I sometimes feel my style is same-y and therefore boring but, actually, it suits me and makes the most of my short stature and even more disproportionately short legs!

Anyway, buy a nice new top to go with your dress-y trousers. Retail therapy is always a good diet motivator so 2 birds etc!!

beth said...

I'm with S -- buy something pronto! (And preferably not a "it will look better when I lose half a stone" or a "it will do" but an "I love this now.")

I also love ebay. And I'm about to try Rent the Runway here -- there's a similar UK site called Won't be any good for tops, but you might find something fun to try...

Beth x

Katherine Austen said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA! (laugh meant in a Thank God it's not only me) I totally understand! Nearly every weekend I go through the same thing. I don't want to buy clothes until I am down to 13 stone which is my mini goal.

My first advice is don't look out at the street for guidance on what to wear... like you said there are alot of ppl out there that don't dress for their figure and look shizzer and you don't want to be them.

I get my inspiration from Pinterest...if you look on Womens Fashion there are so many good looks that you can easily copy or will inspire you! (I am an worshiper of Pinterest for everything)

For cheap but stylish clothes at the moment I swear by Matalan. Some of their stuff is not so good but then some of their stuff is AMAZING. The good thing is you can get items that suit you and fit you NOW without breaking the bank or feeling guilty when they get to big!

Good luck and let me know how you get on!

Peridot said...

I'm late to this party - but as I'm pretty useless in the fashion stakes, it may not matter too much!

But I agree with Beth - go and buy something you love NOW. And dress to your good points - you will feel sad in something you've bought because everyone is wearing it if you know deep-down that it doesn't suit you.


Linz M said...

I agree with all of the above, go buy something amazing! Matalan is definitely a good option and Dorothy Perkins does some pretty good stuff.

Oh and I still wear dresses with leggings, my legs will never be on show!