Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Firewirks over Sydney Opera House

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Scales of Doom or Scales of Destiny??

So this week is the first big test of my nerve and resolve. Can I stand by my oft-repeated mantra that "I don't care how much I lose as long as I lose and I'm enjoying life"...etc....

I'm pretty confident that the modest drop of half a lb last week has not bothered me overmuch. I'm slightly disappointed, of course, but I'm also aware that I had a 4 day weekend and several social events which involved drinking or eating. I was also, if I'm honest, a little too relaxed and a tad blase.

One of the reasons for this, I believe, is that I was standing on the scales every morning and seeing a steady drop. So, after the previous week, I started to believe that I could "get away with" the little extra syns and drinks which had crept in. And of course, you can't. Maybe for one weekend but not for 4 days!!

I mentioned the scales in class and the leader recommended that we do NOT weigh ourselves in between classes. She said, if you're losing, you think you can get away with it (yes, that's me) and if you're gaining you might become disheartened and say to hell with it (no, not really me).

I weigh every day as the discipline of standing on the scales is like a reaffirmation every morning that I'm dieting and trying to follow the regime. It's a way of reminding my chimp of the reality of the situation. But, I suspect in this case, that my chimp has learned to twist the daily weighing to her benefit by fooling me that we're losing despite knowing in our hearts (does that make sense??) that we're pushing our luck on the food and drink intake.

So, ever willing to mix it up and try new things, I have pledged to NOT weigh my self at all this week. The leader was pleased with me. (Wags tail and pants engagingly...)

This morning was the first day of this new endeavour. I had put the scales away last night to avoid forgetting and just getting straight on out of habit while half asleep. It's strange, like there's something missing. I think that not weighing will keep me a bit more "honest". I only have the plan to stick to now and can't justify any extras by a drop on the scales so I just have to put my faith in the plan and hope for the best.

I think I'll be very nervous come next Tuesday evening though!! Wish me luck.

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Isabelle said...

I do indeed wish you luck. You're very stalwart.