Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 2 in the Slimming World House...

(I hope you adopted a Geordie accent to read the title of my post….)

The housemates are eating rabbit food….one of them is happy but the other is not so sure….salad when it’s cold and raining?…..hmmm, the missus is on one of them diets….

I defend my choice to the hilt. It was a robust salad nicoise with lovely fresh tuna steak, lush new potatoes, green beans etc. Beautifully fitting into the SW ethos of filling your plate with veggies and very tasty. I don’t know why I haven’t had a salad nicoise for aeons but it will be making an appearance again before too long, mark my words.

Preliminary results from the morning step onto the scales are positive and indicate a 2-3lb drop which is fuelling my new diet zeal to new heights. I zapped away offers of wine with the meal last night; brushed aside thoughts of the delicious chunky/chewy stem ginger cookie which Rich was tucking into; foreswore all treats at the petrol station (my absolute cavern of temptation for some reason) and generally have been a nerdy swot of a SW follower.

Seriously, I’m not really seeking any kudos for this as I realise it has only been 3 days but it’s a good start. You need a good start to steer you through the tough patches which come later. I’m also aware that I’m not going to be abstaining from booze so I need to have good, virtually syn-free days during the week to allow for drinking now and again. And this weekend I have that 80’s party on Saturday night to contend with – the first big test!

But it has been good so far. I’ve really enjoyed the meals I’ve had, more so than when I wasn’t dieting to be honest. The extra thought and care you have to put into the preparation seems to make them more pleasurable somehow. And visually, the fresh vegetables and salad on the plate are very pleasing. Yesterday’s meals were: breakfast of bacon eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes with wholemeal toast; lunch of couscous and chicken salad with yoghurt and fruit snacks and supper of salad nicoise as above.

I haven’t succumbed to sweet cravings as yet and am going to try and stay away from sweet stuff as long as possible. I seem to recall that, once you break the cycle of eating sweet stuff, you can do without relatively easily. If I do want something sweet I tend to make a cup of tea or coffee with sweetener instead which is allowable. I do have some meringue nests in the cupboard in case of emergency (to be eaten with fruit and sweetened yoghurt as a sort of ersatz pavlova).

On the exercise front I played golf on Wednesday, training yesterday morning (which was a killer) and swimming this lunchtime. I’m plotting a Saturday morning run with the dogs and post-party dog walking on Sunday. Not too bad. I think I’m going to try and build a couple of gym or exercise classes in at lunchtimes instead of swimming. Swimming is good but I suspect that, because I’m a strong swimmer, it might not be as beneficial as say body combat or somesuch. This is the plan anyway…

In other news, Sheffield Wednesday were live on Sky last night. I presume you all watched it? Yes – thought so… For those of you who unaccountably missed it, we beat Blackpool in the first round of the Carling Cup after 120 dreary minutes and penalties. Yes it was a dull nil-nil draw but, as Blackpool, amazingly, are in the division above us, it was a decent scalp. Our Carling Cup “run” will be coming to an end shortly, however, as we have drawn Blackburn Rovers away which is a Premiership team. Bye bye Wednesday.

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Sarah said...

You can have kudos. You're doing well and that's cool. Just because it's not what someone else's doing, doesn't make it any less of an achievement. Go you.